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The Best Beard for Your Face Shape (2)

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Diamond Faces
Dane Cook What to look for: A diamond face shape is an upside down triangular shape, with a narrow forehead and a stronger cheek and jaw area. This disposition likes full facial hair and especially some sideburns to streamline the appearance.
Who did it: Dane Cook is a man of strong acting talent and also has a high intensity around his chin which he artfully balances with his long sideburns and thicker facial hair. He sports a rugged and modern look with slightly more hair on the sides and a regularly trimmed middle. Again, make sure that the outline of the moustache and below the cheeks are kept clean and the neck is free of any wild growth.
Find your Perfect Fit
When taking your own face shape into consideration while growing your beard you are making sure to use the full potential of your looks. Don’t be shy and get playful with it. Have fun watching your beard develop. You never know how daring you might be and how good you can look. If you don’t like it, shave it off again. It’ll surely grow back and you can experiment with different styles and update your look as often as you want.
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