Lady Gaga Inspired Egyptian Up-Style (2)

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6. Now gently pull out the tips of the hair tucked in the top open part of the French roll. Use your fingertips, and take care not to compromise the structure or shape of the French roll. Use these ends to twist and curl into shaped curled shapes, pinned in place in the crown area of your model.
The initial curls’ bobby pins won’t be able to be disguised, so don’t worry about this. Just make sure that the curls are secure. Use the last sections of curls to fold over the initial bobby pins used in this stage, in order to disguise the pins. This should be easy enough as there ought to be enough nooks and crannies by now to do this.
7. Now take your pieces of colored clip-in hair extensions. Comb the extensions out to get rid of any knots, and place the extensions neatly and combed out in length on your working surface. If you’re right handed, the extensions should be placed on the right side of your model; and if you’re a lefty place the extensions on your left hand side.
  • Pull out the tips of the hair
  • Colored clip-in hair extensions
  • Insert the hair extensions
  • Style for a homecoming ball
  • Fringe that is perfectly straight and smooth

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8. Insert the extensions in any fold of hair that will disguise the point of attachment without compromising the smooth surface of your style. Twist and curl the extension in the same technique as you used while creating curls with the models own hair in step 6.
The clip-in extensions are longer, so you’ll be making numerous curls with each extension, securing the place where the curves of each curl overlap itself with a bobby pin. Disguise the bobby pin as well as possible, but keep in mind that you’ll be able to perfect the camouflaging later on when you have more curls to work with.
9. Use another color of clip-in extension, and repeat step 8. You can match your extensions with the model’s make-up, dress or jewellery to make a more intense statement. This is really a great style for a homecoming ball or similar events.
10. Note that the model’s fringe is perfectly straight, smooth and glossy. The bangs are tapered to the sides of the model’s head, to create a flawless framework in order to showcase her facial features and facial shape. Her bangs have been cut in a feathered and sliced method, with its weight line resting on her eyebrows. This specific fringe is a main characteristic of this style, and is crucial to create this style.
11. Now gently start to pull on the curls with your fingertips. The goal is to increase the height and width of the curls on top of her head without compromising the stability of the curls or the style. Use your hairspray to spray the curls well into place, and secure them there. For this you’ll need very strong hold hairspray that will ensure that the curls cannot fall out of place.
  • Pull the curls with your fingertips
  • Hairstyle in proportion with the head
  • Necklace secured around the head

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12. Note how the visual silhouette and balance of the hairstyle is in proportion with the model’s head shape and facial features. The height and width of the style is not excessive nor is it minimalistic. This style is made to wow the crowd, so go all out without compromising the balance or strength of your style.
13. Complete the look with a few spritz of silicone based shine spray to increase the glam and to block out humidity and moisture which have the potential to ruin the style.
Include a thin hair band or necklace secured in an almost crown style around the head. Here I used a solid silver necklace, as it can be secured and disguised on each end with a bobby pin into the folds of the roll, without compromising the structural stability of the style.
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