How to Create a Faux Side-undercut for an Angled Bob (2)

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7. Now we will move to the opposite side of the head. Comb the hair to make sure that there are no knots or tangles present.
  • Hair styled with a side-part
  • Side view of angled bob
  • Clip hair to the top of the head
  • Apply wet-look gel to the hair

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8. Draw out a three or four inch section and clip the rest of the hair to the top of the model’s head with your clip.
Hairstyle with a fake undercut 9. Wet the bottom section of hair, and apply a wet-look gel to this section. Comb the gel through with a thin-toothed comb to achieve the faux undercut look. Take care not to wet the rest of the style and that no gel touches the rest of the style. Precision work is paramount in this step.
10. Gently and carefully comb the hair to the back of the model’s head with the fine-toothed comb. Smooth the surface of this section of hair with the back flat-end of your comb to achieve the flat undercut look. Use bobby-pins to secure the hair in this position.
Insert the bobby-pins in an criss-cross fashion to make sure that it will not come loose during the time that the model is wearing the style. Use black or brown bobby-pins for dark hair, and golden pins for blonde.
Comb hair to create and undercut look 11. Use you flat-iron or curling-iron to curl the rest of the hair above this gelled area. It is important that you take care not to disturb the gelled area, as this will ruin the faux undercut effect.
When you have finished the styling, spray the hair with strong-hold aerosol hairspray and a silicone based hairspray that will block out any humidity or unwanted elements that the weather may bring.
Have a look at the style that Natalie Dormer has been flaunting, and you’ll have a clear picture of what we’re aiming for. This hairstyle is full of attitude and spunk, so if you have the strong personality and fashion sense to work it, you can wear it to complement any dress-code.
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