How to Blow-dry a Short Inverted Bob (3)

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12. Complete both sides while progressively working with two inch sections at a time, working from the bottom of the jaw-bone area towards the top of the model’s head. Gently comb out the hair and note how much smoother and shiny the surface of the hair looks, as well as the fact that the “poufy” look has been taken care of.
The flat iron closes the cuticles of the hair even further because of the heat and clamping-down of the appliance on the top and bottom of the surface of the hair. When the cuticles of the hair are closed and lying flat over one another, it covers the cortex of the hair shaft, thus looking and feeling much smoother and healthier.
  • Hair with a smooth surface after blow-drying
  • Tease hair for volume
  • Short bob with shine

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13. Gently tease the top section of the model’s head, on the curve of the occipital bone area, and right beneath this curve as well. Then gently comb the teased area down again, aiming for a smooth and seamless surface of the hair. You may spray this area with a medium-hold hairspray to keep the volume in place.
14. Spray the style with a silicone based shine spray to enhance the shine and movement of the hair, as well as blocking out any humidity which might be present in the air.
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