Ode to Short Hair (2)

Elisha Cuthbert hair
Elisha Cuthbert - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
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Have you ever paid any attention to a scraggy dog who lives in an alley of a big city? The dog’s hair looks dry, unruly and just naturally unhealthy. The dog has not been cared for. When we do not get haircuts or trims, people see our hair in a similar appearance. The whole process, just happens quite naturally, as when you prune a bush in your yard; it will come back healthier and fuller.
Yes, I am comparing our hair with a bush. When the bush isn’t pruned, there are small unfruitful branches that become dry and brittle and eventually break off. Same with our hair. Our hair becomes dry and brittle and eventually splits and when that happens; then, we are really in big trouble, because the only sure way to deal with split ends, is to cut above them; thus stopping the process of the splitting from working it‘s way down to your scalp.
I have seen long hair flow all the way down to the lady’s derrière and it would be a sight to behold if it didn’t have so many slit ends that have made their way up to the scalp area. Little does this lady know that even a haircut to her shoulders would not help the splits that are way above. No, it isn’t fair, however; we do have many options in how we should take care of our hair and if you haven’t been following through, you can begin now. It’s never too late.
Elisha Cuthbert had gorgeous long blonde wavy hair that fell all the way down into the middle of her back. There was a center part and long layers designed into her hair for a bit of variety. What made her chop all that loveliness off? Did she just get tired of looking the same old way? Did she get tired of the length of time it took to style her hair?
Whatever the cause and reason, you must admit; the shorter style seems lighter, brighter and more carefree on Elisha. Going from heavy duty maintenance to a style that is practically nil has to be a lifesaving factor for most people. Although Ms. Cuthbert’s long hair looked healthy, I can safely tell you, the shorter haircut is much healthier.
Sometimes, when there is so much thick, long hair involved; the client will develop headaches when worn up, due to the pressure from the hair coming from the clasp. When the hair is still left to grow, yet longer; the hair becomes more heavy and whether worn up or down, headaches are increased. Therefore, there comes a time, for health sake when the sissors begin to look inviting.
Long haired ladies do not want to look like their shorter haired sisters, and short haired ladies do not want to look like their longer haired sisters and around and around it goes and never the twain shall meet. Everyone wants to be an individual and most hairstylists can relate to that and respect you for that too; as hairstylists are artists and sometimes can be a bit eccentric in their ways and tastes.
An experienced stylist has your best interest at heart and can foresee exactly what would look good on you and what would not. They take your looks, personality and lifestyle into mind when they begin to give you that life changing haircut of haircuts.
I’m going to ask you a question, but in order to answer this question; you must be honest with yourself. Who do you know in your circle of family and friends that are your best critics? Who always tells you the truth about what you are wearing and what your hair looks like, whether you would like to hear about it or not? My guess, it is probably your children or your best friend and we really do thank them for it, don’t we?
I mean, sometimes we might grit our teeth a little bit while we murmur that thank you, but we do sincerely appreciate the criticism. Well, perhaps it is time to follow through with some of their advice. We do not see ourselves the way other people see us. Just because you are thinking about a new haircut doesn’t mean you have to cut it all off suddenly. Go slow and get used to less length over a period of time, in that way it won’t be quite so shocking or upsetting to you while you are in the grace time of wearing your new look.
Alyssa Milano hair
Alyssa Milano - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Speaking of short hair, Alyssa Milano ran the whole nine yards when she decided to get a haircut. She once had long dark brunette hair and it was curly as well! To go from long and wavy to ultra short, to the tune of about 1 ½ inch of hair all over her head; completely astonishes the most liberal minded!
Yet, look at this girl! She doesn’t seem to be pining for her long locks, but looks rather like she is full of confidence and altogether enjoying herself. I can guarantee you, she would look good in any hat she would decide to wear on the beach. No more brushing her hair into an updo, twist or ponytail. Gone are the days of curling irons, smoothing lotions and blow driers! They are only gathering dust! Hot rollers are only a memory to our girl and she looks happy!
She’s into the shower and out and running off to her appointments. It doesn’t get much easier than that. When she washes her face, she just keeps going upward. I bet she is gaining as much as two hours in her schedule everyday. For those of you, who haven’t enough hours in the day to do all of the things you want to get done, this just might be the answer for you.
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