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111 years of Schwarzkopf (2)

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Manes of curls à la Farrah Fawcett were paraded in the discos, and the perm was the “in” look. Fully in keeping with the times, Schwarzkopf introduced the “Schwarzkopf method,” the first ever integrated approach to permanent waving, comprising consulting, technology and training. With the introduction of the color mousse Igora Toning to European salons in 1975, the coloring and toning of hair became even simpler.
Already an issue in the 1970s, environmental protection remained one of the most important social topics during the 1980s. Far ahead of its time, Schwarzkopf was the first international cosmetics manufacturer to react, adapting Taft in 1987 and using only CFC-free propellants. Now blow-dried styles, mullets and Mohicans could be styled without harm tothe environment.
Schwarzkopf in the 1950s The 1990s brought a yearning for natural products. Schwarzkopf responded to this demand as early as 1991, introducing plant-based colorants with Igora Botanic. This semipermanent colorant was free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, achieving its effect through the industry’s first ever biodegradable organic formula. In 1995, Schwarzkopf was acquired by Henkel and evolved into one of Europe’s leading hair cosmetic manufacturers. In 1998, the year of Schwarzkopf’s centenary, yet another groundbreaking innovation was launched – Re-Nature, the first self-pigmenting product for graying hair. Its revolutionary formula reacts with the oxygen in the air and restores graying hair to its originalcolor.
Sexy, trendy, and inspired by top stylists in the new millennium, the hip styling series OSiS from Schwarzkopf Professional set new standards in styling techniques. In 2002, Schwarzkopf Professional brought out a professional haircare program, BC Hair Therapy, especially designed to meet the needs of individual hair types. The styling products from the Silhouette range were also re-developed at this time in collaboration with styling experts. 2003 saw the opening of the Flagship Academy Schwarzkopf (ASK) in Tokyo and the celebrated premiere of the German Hairdressing Award, the largest independent photo competition for the German hairdressing industry. The advent of the premium haircare range SEAH Hairspa from Schwarzkopf Professional transforms daily hair care into a moment of pure luxury and pleasure. With the opening of the London ASK Academy in 2004, Schwarzkopf Professional expanded its international training and seminar opportunities for hairdressers, thus strengthening Schwarzkopf’s standing in the international market. In the same year, inspired by the latest trends from L.A. and New York, the streetstyle series göt2b from Schwarzkopf created a splash with attention-grabbing names such as “Lockmittel” (Bait) and “Größenwahn” (Delusions of Grandeur).
Since 2005, a systematic innovations process has enabled Schwarzkopf to bring new developments to the market more rapidly than ever before. The Schwarzkopf “Retoucher” allows the toning of hair roots between salon visits. Natural & Easy offers colors that never appear monotonous, thanks to exclusive Multi-Accentuation Technology. Taft launched the Silk-touch line, and göt2b conquered the European market as the styling series for trendsetters. In 2006, the hair care specialist Gliss augmented its product range with the innovative Total Repair 19 Formula, and Taft introduced its Senso-Touch Effect to its products.
Brillance Luminance, the fashion-oriented coloring range especially for dark hair also made its debut on the market at this time. Schwarzkopf Professional relaunched Igora Royal as the first hair colorant to be designed in cooperation with professional stylists. In 2007, Schwarzkopf professional achieved yet another breakthrough in hair care for him and her with Active Dr. Hoting. This innovative patent-pending active-ingredients formula containing carnitine tartrate has proven its effectiveness against non-illness-related hair loss.
Men Perfect, the care and toning gel for men, allows the modern man to fashionably intensify his hair color. Schwarzkopf Professional developed BlondMe, a 360-degree hair coloring concept, comprising forty individual blonde shades, professional hairdresser training, and care and styling products for home use. A further breakthrough in professional hair cosmetics arrived on the scene with BC Time Restore – the first ever hair care system with the active ingredient Q10 reactivates the hair’s natural production of keratins. Top model Heidi Klum accepts the role of ambassador for Schwarzkopf’s Taft brand, the two making a perfect team for beauty and professional competence.
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