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What am I going to do with my Hair? (2)

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Hair: "But, I don't want to go that way anymore."
You: "Why won't you go that way?"
Hair: "I am sick and tired of that way. It bores me."
You: "But, I know I look good that way, I've worn you that way for years."
Hair: "That is just the trouble. You only think you look good, because you always play safe and so-o boring, yawn..."
You: "What do you mean?"
Hair: "I mean that I have sat through so many cocktails with you, envying all the other updated hairstyles of your friends."
You: "You're sad?
Hair: "Hey, not just sad kiddo, depressed and that is why I rebelled."
You: "Oh no, what can I do?"
Hair: "I want excitement in my life. New cuts and colors for a start. Who knows, maybe even a few hairpieces to walk through this life with me.
You: "And, if I choose not to change?
Hair: "Just remember dearie, I'm the one who makes you look good every time you walk out the door. It is your call."
      So it could go. There are three things that prevent us from trying out something new. One is fear, compromise and the other is contentment. Fear isn't good in any shape or form, especially when you keep wondering the "what if's?" If you get a new haircut and don't like the hairstyle you got, you will like it, in about three weeks of growth. Be open minded, your professional can see a lot more possibilities in your hair than you can and if your hairstylist significantly lowered the contents of a jug of Irish whiskey, then, of course the sky is the limit anyway and she can see more things than you could ever imagine.
      Compromising is accepting what you have been accustomed, either out of comfort, necessity, contentment or fear. Comfort is fine; although it could mean you have a streak of laziness in you. Let's be honest, girls. Necessity is understandable if you don't have the time to work with your hair nor the money. Believe me when I say this, there is always a way to get around anything in life if you think about the problem long enough. Contentment is better than all of the tea in China, but it also might mean you would do well to listen to your girl friends and see what they are saying about your hair, unless they are just jealous about your apple cheeks and everyone has "friends" like that. We don't see ourselves the way they do. If you're still trembling in fear about getting a new haircut, take the jug of Irish whiskey with you.
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