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Men and Their Beards (2)

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Machismo in a Mustache
A certain private investigator in Hawaii wearing extremely short shorts and a Magnum mustache is one of the most famous men to sport this type of facial adornment to ever be on the television screen. Together with Burt Reynolds and some other heartthrobs of decades past, he gave the Latin-lover, machismo mustache a big revival.
This classic type of mustache is often preferred by men who like to show off their manliness like this and in the worst cases they add their bared chest hair into the visual mix as well. A hint from a woman: Keep the beard, but keep it groomed and please, button up and take those thick golden necklaces to a gold buyer.
  • Adam Sandler with a beard
  • Ashton Kutcher with a beard
  • Brad Pitt with a beard
  • Chace Crawford with a beard
  • Christian Bale with a beard
  • David backham with a beard
  • Jake Gyllenhaal with a beard
  • Johnny Depp with a beard
  • Leonardo DiCaprio with a beard
  • Will Smith with a beard
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The Rugged Adventurer
To pull this one off successfully is an art all by itself. Just the right ratio of rough and groomed is needed for the irresistible sexy effect that worked so well for Harrison Ford, Crocodile Dundee, David Beckham and this sexy guy down the road where you live. Somewhere between scratchy stubbles and full beard is a sweet spot and the men who find it are rather popular with the ladies. Wear it with a leather jacket or a fine suit, it is one of the most popular ways to make a statement of being free spirited, creative, sexy and well rounded in culture and adventure.
But a little warning has to be expressed here as well. Even handsome celebrities like Brad Pitt and Ashton Kutcher can ruin the effect with having the fuzz go overboard, down the neck or too high up the cheeks. A scruffy beard does not mean you can ignore the grooming kit and your razor.
The Dandy
Dali pushed it to the lengthy and twirled limits, John Waters wears it in its daintiest form, the narrow, finely styled pencil mustache is still today the attribute of a man with a high fashion sense, a vintage charmer with tendencies of a bon vivant. He is appreciative of fine arts and fine cuisine and most likely knows how to wear a tux and what cuff links are for. A man of the old school who has nothing to proof except for his good taste. Unfortunately the fine art of the pencil mustache is disappearing and to get some eye candy we sadly have to resort to classic movies featuring Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and their dandy contemporaries.
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