Variant Style for the Classic Circle Cut

Styling hair for a curly circle cut
Medium Curly Hair Styling Idea
We've all been there: you've had your new haircut for a couple of weeks and you're starting to feel a little bored with it. Or maybe the cut is still a favorite, but you feel like your style is just too 'flat'.
Consider this: your options are limitless. Virtually any hairstyle can look completely new and exciting by adding some curls. I don't mean a perm. I'm talking about the good old-fashioned-turned-new-fashion roller set.
Let's explore our our circle cut style and how we can add some 'oomph' to it:
Step One:
Shampoo and condition the hair as needed. Towel-dry the hair and gently comb out any tangles. Take your favorite styling product and apply it evenly throughout the hair. In our demo, we used gel, but mousse or setting lotions are also good options.
Shampood and conditioned hair
Step Two:
Roll the hair on rollers according to the amount of wave/curl you desire. In our demo, we used large rollers to add volume and fullness to the style. Remember, the smaller the roller, the tighter the curl.
Styling a circle cut with rollers
Also, keep in mind that the placement of the roller in relation to the section of the hair being rolled determines the amount of 'lift' in the finished style. In our demo, we used on-base placement at the front of the head and gradually transitioned to off-base placement to avoid the style becoming too 'puffy'.
For our demo, we employed a pretty standard roller pattern on the head: one row of rollers down the middle, and two rows at slightly backward angles on the sides. However, feel free to use any roller pattern you prefer or that you believe will best achieve the wave pattern you desire.
Placement of the rollers for lift in a circle cut
Step Three:
Dry the hair thoroughly. Ideally, you can allow the roller set to air dry naturally, but time constraints often necessitate alternative drying methods. For our demo, we utilized a portable hooded dryer on medium heat. These convenient appliances are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most beauty supply stores and some department stores. Once the hair was dry, we allowed it to cool, then removed the rollers for combing.
One thing to be mindful of when styling a roller set is roller marks - the lines of separation where the hair was sectioned for wrapping around the roller. Generally, these marks will disappear due to the natural heat and moisture of the scalp. However, in persistent cases, a small amount of moisture applied with the corner of a cloth, an eyebrow brush, or a toothbrush will help relax these lines.
During the comb-out, start with a wide-toothed comb, gradually transitioning to a finer-bristled brush as the hair loosens. This prevents snarls, tangles, and accidental hair breakage. Once you can do so smoothly, use a natural bristle brush to further soften the set. This will yield a more natural-looking curl and a softer style.
Curly circle cut styling for volume
If you desire more defined curls, you can apply a light misting of hairspray and gently grasp or 'scrunch' the curls before the spray dries. Then, allow the hairspray to dry completely and refrain from re-brushing. We demonstrated this technique to clearly showcase the curl pattern achieved with our roller set.
I believe you'll agree that our finished style is a soft, lovely look, and with proper care, it will last until the next shampooing.
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