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Tips for Maternity Wear

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. The mere feeling of carrying a living and breathing being inside for about 9 months has to be experienced to be understood. However notwithstanding this beauty, being pregnant also means being able to cope up with massive changes in your physique.
And part of coping up with these changes is shopping for appropriate clothes that would not just fit you but also be comfortable and stylish to an extent. This special style of clothing has come to be known as maternity wear. Buying maternity wear can be a confusing and some times frustrating affair, due to a variety of reasons. That’s why this write up seeks to help you out in selecting the right maternity wear at right times.
The first three months or the first trimester
pregnant lady • Most women would pass at least first three months without feeling the need to buy new clothes.
• You might need to make some minor adjustments like using ‘belly bands’ that fit over your trousers or jeans and hold them on, so that you can wear them unbuttoned.
• Put off buying any significant maternity wear until the middle of second trimester, as different woman gain bulk in different parts, like thighs, posterior etc.
Rest of the pregnancy
By the fourth month of the pregnancy you begin to have a fair idea of how you are going to gain weight. Also by this time you begin to feel the need to buy maternity wear as changes in your body are rapid now. >Keep in mind the following when you start buying maternity wear:
New or used maternity wear?
• Maternity wear can be quite expensive and could be potentially of no use after the pregnancy, esp. if you are sure that this is your last pregnancy. • So in case your budget is on the tighter side as is the case with many of us, go for used maternity wear.
• You can get some good deals at consignment stores or thrift stores on once or twice worn good quality maternity wear.
How should my maternity wardrobe look like?
• Maternity clothes can be shopped in pre pregnancy sizes (check the size charts before). They are generally available in cotton or other stretchable fabrics so they give you the room to expand but only when needed.
• Transitional clothes like empire waist dresses or tops, baby doll tops etc are great during the initial stages. They are called so because you can wear them after the pregnancy as well.
• While a little bit of Lycra or spandex is unavoidable in the maternity wear because of its stretch capacity, in general opt for more natural fibers like cotton. That’s because synthetic can make you feel even itchier than you already do because of the hormone changes.
• Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t look sexy. If you want to flaunt your newfound super cleavage, that’s perfectly alright. Low cut tops and short dresses to flaunt you legs are great as long as you feel comfortable wearing them.
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