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Quick Fixes for Long Hair

The Curl Fall

Continuing our suggestions of fast and easy hairstyles for women with long hair, here is a quick style to create a soft romantic look. Since one of the biggest complaints for women with long hair is the length of time required to dry the hair, many women with long hair prefer to use curling irons to achieve curly styles, rather than wrapping the hair with rollers in a wet set and waiting for hours and hours (or sitting under a heated bonnet dryer) while the hair dries.
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It should be noted that hair curled using a wet roller set will hold curl much longer than hair curled by curling iron, especially if you have access to a bonnet dryer. Both heat and moisture act to break the side bonds and rearrange the wave pattern of the hair. When you use both as part of the styling process you create an even stronger wave pattern than using either alone.
What You Will Need:
- Butterfly Clips (to section the hair)
- Snag-safe Elastic Band
- Blow Dryer
- Curling Iron (with whatever barrel size you desire)
- Styling Gel or Setting Lotion
- Hairspray
- Vented Brush and Tail Combs
How to create the Style:
This style is usually best achieved if you begin with freshly-washed and conditioned hair left wet. Before you dry the hair, apply a generous amount of styling gel or setting lotion and massage it evenly through the hair. Then blow dry the hair thoroughly using a vented brush to keep the hair smooth. Once the hair is dry, comb thin slices of hair and lightly mist the slices with hairspray. Allow the hairspray to dry and brush the hair to re-smooth.
Our next step is to section the hair to begin creating curls. Part the hair horizontally across the top of the head and twist the hair up and clip it in place with a butterfly clip. Then divide the hair at the back of the head into two vertical panels and twist them up and clip them securely. Once this is done, decide which side you wish to begin working with and let down a small section of hair approximately 1.5-2 inches deep.
Mist this small section again with hairspray and comb out a slice of the section to curl. Wrap the hair around the barrel of your curling iron to create a spiral curl, hold for a few seconds and unwind the hair. Repeat the process until you've curled the entire section making certain to allow the curls to cool, then let down another section from the same panel, working your way up.
The curling process will take more or less time depending on the size of the curling iron you choose and the amount of hair you curl at one time. Even with very long hair, a 2-inch diameter barrel will make short work of creating the curls desired. For our demonstration we used a 3/4-inch barrel iron and the curling process took approximately 30 minutes.
So, continue curling the hair as described until both panels of hair have been curled, then lightly mist the hair again with hairspray. Now we are ready to begin working with the hair at the top of the head.
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