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As this type of hair art has dramatically risen in popularity and attractiveness, and has become a popular method of styling and decorating the hair, predominantly amongst the younger members of society, it has become a lucrative and sought-after skill to possess. Although professional hair carvers are still a relatively rare breed of hair stylists, and consequently a skilled hair carver performing an avant-garde design can charge more than $1,000 per client.
Patterns and Color
Tattoos are often at their most splendid when they are a complex maze of asymmetrical patterns, twirls, and swirls. Carvings and tattoos adorning the hair are also arguably most majestic when they involve varied and intricate patterns and colors. Theirry Gras's Marseille show includes an elaborately colorful rose, which blends shades of reds and purples to brilliantly contrast with the hair of the blonde beauty he skillfully carves the design onto.
Contrasting to the "joie de vivre" the vibrant colors give to blonde hair, Gras uses designs of exclusively silver to grace the hair of the brunettes he has on his show. The stark contrast in color works brilliantly and allows for more intricate patterns and designs to be the most striking feature of the tattoo.
Hair Carving Templates
Because of the aspiration hair carving invokes to be bright, brilliant, and bold, hair carving templates readily provide for this bold yearning. Hair tattoos and hair carving templates virtually have the same t rademarks as traditional tattooing. Animals, flowers, zodiac signs, logos, and tribal patterns are particularly popular types of hair carving templates.
Thierry Gras, the maestro of hair carving himself, has an assortment of these popular hair carving templates available to be downloaded for free on his Haircarver website.
Tribal Hair Design
Tribal hair offers a multitude of different hairstyle options, all of which usually evoke images of color, vivacity, and "daring to be different." The spiraling and interlocking art created by tribal communities, far from being vanquished, has continued to be a popular tattoo design in the modern era and in Western civilizations. The very essence of what hair carving is about - having distinctive and beautiful hair - makes tribal designs particularly prevalent in this mode of hair art.
Gazing through the pure brilliance Thierry Gras creates with his hair carving, arouses yearnings to progress one's hair away from the realms of normality and into a deeper, more passionate and time-honored technique of transforming one's hair into a piece of art.