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Choosing Short Hairstyles (3)

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Annette Benning, Morena Baccarin, and Amber Rose
Our last trio here features progressively shorter hairstyles that all have “more extreme” elements designed to enhance the appearance of the style.
  • Amber Rose
  • Morena Baccarin
  • Annette Benning
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Starting with Annette Benning we see a short layered look that has razor-cut texture to create needle-point ends in the finished look. Combined with a blow-out styling technique and texturing paste, the style is given lots of visual interest and the power to draw the attention away from signs of age, while matching the personality of an actress who is known for playing a range of characters and with a tremendous sense of self.
Next, we find the lovely Morena Baccarin, whose gamine-short haircut was a dramatic shift from her previous styles that celebrated her long raven-hued hair. This super-short cut has been point-cut to create extra texture in the finish and the definition created by the styling displays the shine and shimmer of her hair beautifully. As with many shorter styles, this gamine (which means “boyish”) cut draws attention to the eyes, making them the central and primary focus of the look. Since her eyes are one of Morena Baccarin’s best features, the effect is dramatic.
Finally, we find a look that has only been sported as a regular statement by a handful of women. Amber Rose, an American Model, has claimed for herself a very dramatic look, by opting for an induction-cut hairstyle which she has dyed blonde. The effect creates an intense focus on the face and allows her beauty to be uninhibited. As a model, the hairstyle also makes her sought-after, since her look is so dramatic that items she wears are usually well-remembered, which appeals to designers who want their names and their clothes remembered by as many as possible.
Of course, these looks are not for everyone, but hopefully they will offer you some inspiration for enhancing your own sense of style.
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