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1930's Hairstyles (2)

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Through all those hard times, hairstyles were still making a statement and when the ladies went to the salons they started to be serviced with a color as Hollywood dared to once again set the trend. Celebrities such as Jean Harlow stirred a boldness in the hearts of those in the thirties, as the mothers of the day, began to ask themselves “why not?”
Gloria Swanson in the 1930s Before long, there were many war widows bleaching and tinting their hair like they had done it for years; although, this would give the older and more seasoned ladies something to whisper about. As if that wasn’t enough to gossip about, thin eyebrows were in, as many a lady would tweeze practically all of their eyebrows off and then, with her face ever so close to the mirror; with her tongue hanging out on the corner of her mouth, artistically draw a thin rounded line above their eye; believing this made them appear more captivating. Think of how thin Betty Davis’s eyebrows were. Remember the song; She has Betty Davis eyes.
Waves seemed to continually be at the forefront in the 1930’s. You would have seen diagonal waves in the back of a head, with small tiny flat curls above and below the waves. There would have been attractively set pin curls nestled around a wave and a cluster of rolls. Sometimes, you would have seen waves begin from the top of the ladies head and go all the way down until they are met with a cluster of pin curls. This was considered very appealing at this time, and so it was. This was an era of sophistication and elegance.
Every hair was to be in place, just like their hemlines and should you have opened up any dresser drawer in their homes, the smell of lavender sachets would have filled the room. The working people did not own a lot of things. The materials they did have, they carefully took care of, so they would last the many years to come. It was a time of saving and no waste. Very little was thrown out, but rather repaired or saved.
The 1930’s brought spell bounding news upon the scene of every year. In 1936 many can remember the devastating effect heard around the world when Edward the VIII willingly gave up his throne to marry the love of his life Mrs. Wallis Simpson.
Back to hats. They were so important in that day and age, it was known as a mandatory accessory. My own grandmother once had a millinery shop where she would design hats for the ladies who were in need of a hat. Some of the feathers that went out from some of those hats were at least three feet long. Like I said, their hats always accommodated their hair. There would be times when you would see a half circled wave in the very front of the head that would twirl about making a spiral curl that would appear as an ornament for the hat. The rest of the hair would be all brushed back into a roll. Then, there were finger or water waves that began from the front and went all the back to the bottom of the head. That included the sides. Everything was waves.
There were also waves that; again, began in the front and would become a circle all around the head. This was known as the Saucer Wave. Another type of wave that was so famous during that time was The Sculptor Wave. This style would begin with a center or half part with horizontal waves beginning just below the part and ending with a cluster of round pin curls that would circle the ears. When I say waves were in, I mean; they were seriously in vogue! You were no one unless you had your head filled with those zigzag curves rippling across your head. There were many angled waves placed carefully into the patrons hair with large swooping curls toward the face.
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