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Carol Bruguera

When you think of Mediterranean men, you think, swarthy, ruggedly handsome and casually masculine. All of these add up to the effortless sexiness that women find so irresistible in Mediterranean men.
  • short layered men's hairstyle
  • hairstyle with curls for men
  • short back and sides look for men
  • hairstyle

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Carol Bruguera has created a collection of men's looks for hair that celebrates the casually-masculine sexuality that is always appealing and which holds the attention long after the man leaves the room.
The hairstyles are varied, but always appealing, without seeming to be too fussy. You get the impression that these guys just wake up, and do little more than wet their heads, shake them vigorously and go. Let's break down the individual looks.
Hair: Carol Bruguera
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