Mediterranean by Carol Bruguera

Hair for men
When you think of Mediterranean men, you think, swarthy, ruggedly handsome and casually masculine. All of these add up to the effortless sexiness that women find so irresistible in Mediterranean men.
Carol Bruguera has created a collection of men's looks for hair that celebrates the casually-masculine sexuality that is always appealing and which holds the attention long after the man leaves the room.
The hairstyles are varied, but always appealing, without seeming to be too fussy. You get the impression that these guys just wake up, and do little more than wet their heads, shake them vigorously and go. Let's break down the individual looks.

Short-Layered Haircut for Men

Short and simple layered men's hairstyle
This first hairstyle is a simple, short-layered cut. The perimeter goes above the ears and squares at the nape, with an inch to an inch-and-a-half at the sides graduating to two to two-and-a-half inches at the top of the head.
The real secret to this men's haircut is the texturing. The hair is either razor cut, and thinned with the razor tool to lessen the bulk of the hair by half between the scalp and the ends of the hair, or by using the scissors to point-cut the hair steeply and reduce the bulk in that manner.
The styling becomes a simple matter of using a good, firm-hold product that remains malleable (such as a sculpting wax) and blowing the hair mostly dry. The fingers are then used to give the strands definition and to direct the peaks and swirls as desired.

Curls and Waves for Men

Long hairstyle with curls for men
Few women can resist the allure of a head full of soft curls and waves. Many Mediterranean men have a lot of wave and texture to their hair and this layered shag hairstyle makes ample use of the natural wave of this model's curls. The length helps to give the hairstyle horizontal bulk and prevents the slender face from looking gaunt, while the fringe masks the ample forehead.
The layers are point cut to add extra texture and keep the ends light and keep the style from seeming too bulky. Styling is an easy blow-out using a diffused dryer with a light styling mousse and vented brush. Follow it up with a daub of smoothing serum on the fingers and run them through the curls to tame any stray strands and keep any frizz to a minimum.

Short Back and Sides

Classic short back and sides hair for men
This man's hairstyle is a classic. The short back and sides are tapered carefully with a scissors and graduate to a longer top section that is heavily point-cut to give a feathered texture.
Blown mostly-dry and plied with sculpting paste, the hair can be combed to the desired style and allowed to finish drying naturally in order to give a carefully controlled finish, or you can simply rake the fingers through the hair with product and give the hair a wilder, more bohemian look.

Long Layered Hair for Men

Long layered hair for men

The artist sits on the rocks looking over the Aegean charcoal and pad in hand putting his imaginings onto the paper. He blithely tosses his hair back or tucks it unconsciously behind his ear and keeps working. It's the hair. Long, layered around the face, with a streak of caramel highlight along the forward edge to enhance the look and frame the face.
It blows romantically across his shoulders and face in the wind, and spills seductively across the pillow as he whispers good morning. The man's haircut is key: razor-cut layers, focused along the leading edges of the sides. The fringe is parted off-center and angled, and the hairstyle is an easy blow-out look with smoothing serum to keep the hair smooth and sleek.
Hair: Carol Bruguera