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Style a Pixie for the Spiky Look

Q: How do I style my short pixie cut so it has that spiky messy look, while still making it look feminine and funky?
A: You might try using a small barrel round brush with a blow dryer to create some bend in your hair as you style it. Then follow up with a dab of pomade or styling product to give the hair some definition, by "pinching" the ends of the hair with a gentle pull-through motion.
spiky pixie
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The goal is to create a look that creates the pointed ends of the locks of hair, while keeping a gentle curve to the hair. If you're having trouble getting the "bend" the way you want it, try using a large barrel curling iron after the hair has been dried with a styling gel in it to make random curves that you can then manipulate to suit your tastes.
It will take a little practice, but once you play with it a bit and get used to the idea, you'll be all set.
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