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Fashion hairstyles for men
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Men are often underrepresented in hair fashion line-ups. Not so in the world of Cebado who created new men's hairstyles for the new season.
The cuts do not stray too far from classic men's looks, but each one has its own little twists and finesse. Not pretentious or overbearing, the haircuts are straight forward, bold, adventurous and they have character. Plenty of it. Modern textures meet retro flavors and a variety of styling techniques.
The common elements that all of the dapper specimen share are short necks with smooth graduation, longer hair on top and a chiseled outline with exposed ears and attractive sideburns. Hair colors are natural and come in the full range of browns, black and dark blonde. When highlights are used, they are so subtle that they look absolutely natural.

Barely Tamed

Male haircut wit sideburns for natural curl
His natural curl brings a lot of activity and motion into his hair, which is long enough on top to curve up and form small rugged waves all over. The sides are meticulously cut with high focus on a clean outline as a balancing factor.
The sideburns, narrow and very appealing, are long enough to seamlessly flow into his stubbly facial hair that forms a bit more than a shadow of a mustache. His hair gradually becomes longer above the ears, and it is styled with a good lift for lightness and volume. A special touch is the lock that is casually pulled into his forehead.

Trendy Metropolitan

Modern professional haircut for men
Trendy men's hairstyle
Modern urbanites like haircuts that can make it through all of the facets of their lives. This short cut looks professional enough in the daytime and is trendy after hours as well. The finely graduated crop has a smooth texture and can be styled into the face, like shown here, but can also go the other direction, depending on the mood of the day.
It is slightly disheveled, giving it a casual and sexy touch, but the sharp and neat outline keeps it all under control. The hair color is a smooth brown-black, humble but yet intense.

Soft Spikes

Male haircut with gel flattened sides and spikes
We still love pointy spikes but the days of the needle-sharp gel-stiffened hairstyles à la Billy Idol have passed and todays punk inspired looks have more movement and are actually touchable. The contrast of the short and flattened sides to the motion of the hundreds of textured short strands on his crown is pure eye-candy.
All of the hair is styled out of the face and has an exquisite shine from the styling product that provides hold and is glossy at the same time.

Surf's Up

Neat hairdo for men with a quiff
A big wave is the way to go to make a statement of fashion and unique taste. We are not sure how water proof this handsome quiff is, but it sure looks good on him. Extremely short hair was combed downward on the sides and forward on the crown where it cumulates in longhaired apex, styled to a quite dressy little quiff with a high point.
Neat and stylish is the message here and only a hint of facial hair balances all the properness.

Rock and Rolled Up

1950s rockabilly look for men's hair
Inspired by the 1950s rockabilly looks, the hair was formed to a quiff in front that is just the end of a long roll of hair that begins much farther back. Actually the smooth line that gives this fun look its memorable silhouette originates at the base of the nape. It is one large curve, elegant and dynamic and within it is one of the best things that can happen to a natural curl.
All of the hair follows this magic line and is styled upward in a determined but casual way, a beautiful texture is revealed. Dark blonde with ever so subtle highlights is a smooth and perfect color for this very dimensional look.

Shades of Blonde

Dressy male hairstyle with graduated back and sides
Modern hairstyles
A sweeping silhouette filled with upright and curved sections of textured hair is dressy, modern and funky with a nod to the past and the eyes wide open towards the future. Back and sides are graduated and soft as a duckling's feathers.
The top lengthens towards the front and is styled progressively more and more straight and pointy. The hair color also undergoes a smooth transition from the dark blonde back to a more sun kissed tone in front.
Hair: Cebado
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