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Cebado - Men

Men are often underrepresented in hair fashion line-ups. Not so in the world of Cebado who created new men's hairstyles for the new season. The cuts do not stray too far from classic men's looks, but each one has its own little twists and finesse. Not pretentious or overbearing, the haircuts are straight forward, bold, adventurous and they have character. Plenty of it. Modern textures meet retro flavors and a variety of styling techniques.
  • male haircut for natural curl
  • professional haircut for men
  • male haircut with flattened sides
  • hairdo for men with a quiff
  • rockabilly look
  • dressy male hairstyle
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The common elements that all of the dapper specimen share are short necks with smooth graduation, longer hair on top and a chiseled outline with exposed ears and sexy sideburns. Colors are natural and come in the full range of browns, black and dark blonde. When highlights are used, they are so subtle that they look absolutely natural.
Hair: Cebado
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