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Petra Mechurová Hair Design

  • red hair
  • thick fringe for short hair
  • short hair cut with asymmetry
  • red hair in a short punky style
  • red hair with curls
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A progression through hair color and also through time is the theme of Petra Mechurová 's red haired collection. The hues explore gleaming shades of red from copper to deep burgundy. Red hasn't been this alluring since the days of Rita Hayworth.
With her hairstyles Mechurová takes us on a trip through decades from the 70's until today and condenses the highlights of the trend haircuts to their essence, which is then given a 21st century make-over. Eclectic, ethereal and romantic with a dose of spice and a fairy tale made of hair is born.
Hairstyles: Petra Mechurová Hair Design
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