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Female hairstyles for red hair
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A progression through hair color and also through time is the theme of Petra Mechurová's red haired collection. The hues explore gleaming shades of red from copper to deep burgundy. Red hasn't been this alluring since the days of Rita Hayworth.
With her hairstyles Mechurová takes us on a trip through decades from the 1970 until today and condenses the highlights of the trend haircuts to their essence, which is then given a 21st century make-over. Eclectic, ethereal and romantic with a dose of spice and a fairy tale made of hair is born.

Ring of Curls

Red hair with large curls and 70s influences
Red hair
A beautiful wreath always has the air of something special and festive. With a round of large curls and a flat, sleek and close fitting top the creation reminds us of a famous hairstyle from the 1970s. The new version features a longer fringe, which was cut to exactly follow the outline of her eyes and fit right along the upper curve of her cheekbones before it smoothly disappears in the frothy delight of the luxuriously curled sides and back.
The hair color is a golden copper tint with a cinnamon note. This type of red can be an easy transition if you have never had red hair before and didn't want to go to extremes just yet.

Thick Fringe for Red Hair

Short red hair with a thick fringe and 80s inspiration
Short red hair styled to the back
The hairstyles in the 1980s were dominated by thick, full fringes combined with sides styled to the back. Petra Mechurová's interpretation keeps these elements but loosens them up and adds much more movement to the hair. Deconstructed curls boost the volume of the fringe which is generous and opulent as well as diagonal.
A choppy, fuzzy and very short, textured section brings a spunky accent to the side before the back hair turns longer and flows again in the unique shape of these disrupted waves. Finger-styling and just a hint of make-up keep this look for red hair refreshing and feisty.

Done and Undone with Asymmetry

Short hair cut with asymmetry
The fringe is the sleekest and straightest part of this short hairstyle and it just barely covers her eyebrows. The sides are cut like a short bob with a few layers and a small shift to one side. The difference in length between both sides is only about an inch, but the effect is huge and brings instant flamboyance to the haircut.
Curls are partially well defined and some leisurely pulled out for a longer section in the front. The hair falls lightly and very wispy. The sheer playfulness of the cut and styling are balanced by the rich burgundy color with its deep and heavy nature.

Punk Style for Red Hair

Red hair in a short punky style
Chopped punky hairstyles have found their rightful place among the classics of hair fashion and one cannot imagine life without them anymore. They are expressive, fun, sexy but also have a practical sense and ease of the wash and wear looks. The better the haircut however, the better it will fall and this fine example plays with some interesting new elements.
Top and back are cut at the same length but the sides are much shorter except for a small, thin rim around the ear with a feathery, contrast in length once again. All doused in a Merlot color with a kiss of copper on the edges this look will surely set you apart.

Red Curls

Red hair with curls and geometry
Curls and geometry are having a party! There is no hangover but a hairstyle that combines romance, contemporary style and a hint of vintage charm.
The top is almost vertical with the corners of the sides jutting out in clear and symmetrical angles on both sides. They then narrow down to the ears before the hair spreads out again in free form over the shoulders. This can be achieved by tying some of the side hair of the curly mane to the back and carefully shaping the top section. The burned copper color is a great touch for this.
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