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"It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" by Ksfh

  • pastel hair
  • hair with pastel colors
  • updo
  • hair with pastel hues
  • bob with violet hues
  • modern hair
  • pixie with cool colors
  • pixie cut
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Pastel hair colors have made a very big impression on the social, style, and celebrity crowd the past two years. Lana Del Rey, Cara Delevingne, Pixie Lott, the Kardashians and Nicole Richie are only a handful of the countless beauties who have embraced this fashion craze with open arms.
These colors work best on blondes, but lots of brunettes have tailored the look to suit them as well. Brown/black-to-pastel ombés have been all the rage among the raven haired women, with beauties such as Sky Ferreira, Katie Price and Rihanna to name a few.
In this collection you’ll find different hairstyles and pastel colors scattered all across the spectrum; ranging from tame to really wild. Depending on your taste, work and natural hair color, you’ll be able to pick the specific style and hair color to suit your own needs. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, and to use your own initiative and imagination!
Hairstyles: Kristijan Petek for Ksfh
Make-up: Marco Zagar
Hair Color: Marco Beltram
Photography: Rok Trzan