Metropolis by Andrew Collinge

Latest hairstyles
A metropolis is defined as a large urban area, a center of culture and commerce. It is also the title of the famous futuristic, scifi cult movie by Fritz Lang made in 1927. In his collection by the same name Andrew Collinge drew inspiration from all of this to create his latest hairstyles.
The very modern design of the impeccable cuts is inspired by the fashion of the roaring 20s, the futuristic ideas found in the movie and by the flair of the mega cities of the world, where fashion is daring and thriving.
Bold cuts and even bolder hair colors are made to express yourself and to earn your new title as a fashion frontrunner.

Short Hair with Sharp Contours

Short hair with a plunging cutting line
These contours could not be any sharper. A precision cut with cult status. Straight lines, angles and rounded parts come together as a perfectly balanced sculpture. The neck is graduated for a smooth fit and the forward plunging line of the side begins just behind the ear and was cut so that just the edge of her earlobe peeks out as an additional design element.
Everything in this cut is meticulously planned and executed. The front is dominated by the diagonal side fringe, as straight as a ruler. Her dark brown hair color has a black cherry sheen, which makes her complexion appear like precious ivory.

Short Red Hair

Short red hair and a black turtleneck
This short boyish cut dazzles with its array of red colors. Simplicity of design, keeping it to a minimum of length and lines meets shiny opulence in hair color. Streaks of dark red are topped with amazing copper for a deep effect of light and shadow. Talk about 3D special accents in a haircut!
The back and the sides are finely graduated and smooth over into the longer top hair with no transition line. The graduated edge appears darker in color. The short fringe allows her eye brows to make an impression. Tip: Use a lipstick in the same color family.

Smooth Short Hair

Smooth and short black hair
A hairstyle as reduced and clear as a logo. Brand yourself with a high end hairstyle that could be seen in a museum of modern art. The pure black hair color is the perfect choice for this amazing shape. Nothing will distract from the design.
A dynamic curve runs over her forehead and ends at the corner of her cheekbone with a fine point. The fringe area is textured ever so fine and regular, just enough to give it a soft edge. The rest of this Mephistopheles haircut is styled close and smooth to her head.

Mushroom Cut

Mushroom haircut with curved in edges
Flawless and round wherever you look, this haircut stuns with its disciplined geometry. The consequent design celebrates the curve and comes with light volume and gently curved in edges. It resembles a helmet or the famous mushroom cuts that were first seen in the 60s.
The line of the fringe is right at the highest point of her eye lids and brings all attention to her baby blue eyes. The iridescent effect of the color was created by adding dark red highlights to the even darker red base color.

Laser Sharp Bangs

Short hair with laser sharp bangs
The unsurpassed straight line of her bangs stands in a delightful contrast to the rounded sides, which curve in over her ears and entirely cover them. Balanced and with a minimalist approach reminiscent of Joan of Arc.
The exact length of the fringe is essential for this hairstyle to be this exciting. With a finger's width of distance to her well shaped eye brows, the haircut showcases her face in all its beauty. The hot red hair color consists of light and darker tones and brings much heat to the simplicity of the cut.

Silver Helmet

Short silver hair with lilac streaks
The hair seems to float on her head and is a masterpiece of modern hair cutting techniques. Like magic neither the fringe nor the sides touch the face and this modern helmet of hair made for the urban princess defies gravity. Magic it is not involved, but an amazing stylist was.
The hair color adds to the cosmic energy of the look with a silver base and lilac streaks that accumulate especially in the fringe area. Precision cut and with the color underlining the design and expression, this is a step into a new dimension of hair art.

Gap in the Fringe

Short hair with a gap in the fringe
The same style element that makes little black dresses so attractive is used in the fringe of this little black haircut. A slit. As simple as it is, the effect is grandiose! A small, perfect triangle of skin opens up the dense fringe and is accompanied by another geometric shape covering her ear.
These clean cut edges are in a winning combination with the roundness of the slinky short hairdo, whose color is a deep, endless black.

Soft Pink in Blonde

Short blonde hair with pink accents
A soft pink in blonde with hints of lavender tune a soft geometric cut to the soft side. With the silky surface it resembles a flower petal that just dropped on her head. But there are the graphic lines, sharp points and extremely accurate curves that keep the urban edge in this cut.
A modern romantic with a futuristic flavor she also wears her lipstick in an appropriate bold shade. High tech meets nature in this stunning hairstyle.
Hair: Alison Robert at Andrew Collinge
Make-up: Liz Collinge
Styling: Jiv D
Photography: Alex Barron-Hough