Good Bad Girls by Klaus Peter Ochs

New hair trends
Well behaved women rarely make history. Conventional hairstyles just as rarely make headlines. Women who set new trends in the hair universe sport styles that are different, rebellious, out of the mold and even out of control.
In his new collection Klaus Peter Ochs shows all of the good of the bad girls in a runway ready, done and undone, punk rock, phenomenal firework of hair. He perfected the messy look and makes "fresh out of bed" glamorous.
The hair colors are just as amazing as the cuts and the stylings with bold shades in red, brown and a moonlight silver. Get rockin' girls!

Curls and a Trapeze Shape

Curly red hair with a trapeze shape
In the trapeze shape of the cut the curls are highly dramatic. All that attitude is pushed to the limit with the fire hot, smoldering red hair color. Hit by the light it shimmers like burning gold and matches her divaesque eye make-up.
The layers are long and fluffed up by messy waves. A side part pushes most of the gorgeous mass of hair to the left. The high fashion aspect is emphasized by an A-line shape which has a shorter back with a slanted line toward the collar bone teasing front tendrils.

Rockstar Look

Messy hair with varying lengths
Grab that microphone and belt out how happy you are with your hairstyle! You can be so very good looking like a bad girl. This high voltage look is cut with volume and messy styling in mind. Varying lengths with the shortest on her crown and long skinny tendrils down the sides have much texture created by cut and styling.
Tease it, spray a strong hold product on and separate the strands before you ruffle it with your hands for the finishing touch. The upper layer has a slightly lighter color than the dark brown base, adding an even more lifted effect and a ray of stage light.

Stylish Short Hair

Short hairstyle with layers
Two tone coloring and finessed layers bring movement to this short cut. It twirls and wisps around her head in heavy motion, shading her eyes and accentuating the shape of her face. A slightly longer neck gives it another pinch of fabulous.
The long fringe is styled in a sidewards movement but it covers her forehead fully. Allow some strands to fall into the face and give the hair a good lift on the roots. This cut can be toned up or down, just as you need it.

Stunning with Silver Hair

Silver hair
Use the color of the moonlight to underline your individuality. Be it natural or per bottle, a silver hair color is the new platinum and ultra expressive. Her hairstyle is a grown out masculine short cut in its basic shape with a graduated neck and longer top hair that can be played with to your hearts content.
The loose layers are styled criss cross but with a forward motion. Both sides and the long fringe meet in her face and give her eyes a mysterious, glamorous shroud.
Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs
Artistic Team: : Corina Böhm & Davide Carsidona
Make-up: Florent Pellet / Paris
Styling: Jonathan Martin / Paris - New York
Photography: Steve Wells / Paris, assisted by Alex Jonas / Paris