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Long hair with pastel colors
There shall be rainbows! Raffel Pages did it again and took our breath away with this new, small collection. Each style is very similar in length and texture, but so very different when it comes to the hair colors!
From a golden blonde the rainbow opens up with ever increasing tones of the pastel palette including purple, blue, silver and fuchsia! Now you can get really creative and have a ton of fun with your long hair.
Say goodbye to just one color and embrace all of the endless possibilities!

Centered in Blonde

Long center parted hair with waves
Almost waistline length blonde hair with waves
Behold the luxury! Ravishing long, blonde hair falls way down to almost her waistline and has a beautiful, natural texture. All this style needs is a great cut with long layers, good beauty treatments for health and shine and a simple styling.
The hair is parted in the center and loosely flows down her body. Large waves give volume and movement. The hair color is a continuous lightening from dark blonde around the roots to the light golden blonde tips. It can happen like this just by being in the sun or in a good salon with a skilled colorist.

Shades of Blonde

Mid-back long hair swept to one side
Long hair with various shades of blonde
From the natural look to a more daring extravagance with long hair that is swept mostly to one side. Her part sits above her left temple with the result of the major amount of hair cascading down the right side. Her fresh waves are casually separated and gain more momentum through the layers, that were cut into this mid-back long mane.
Attractive and alluring, this look really comes to life with the various shades of blonde, which all smoothly blend and support the grand dimension of this hairstyle with lighter, golden shades and a softer, darker blonde underneath, around the hairline and in the roots.

Dipped Hair Coloring

Hair with dipped coloration
Dip it and dye it. New techniques in salons all over the planet give us endless possibilities to play with color in our hair, like never before. Her side parted style with the long, layered waves turns from merely romantic to ultramodern with a dipped coloration from the tips to her cheekbone in a silvery, purple color.
This cool tone is a massive contrast to the deep golden blonde on top, which is all about warmth and a deep glow. The contrast could not be any bigger.

Blue Hair

Long blue and silver hair
A rich turquoise blue transcends first into a dark, then a light silver, like the depths of a mountain lake change color when they meet the moonlight. A magical coloring in a stunning hairstyle.
Her mid-back long tresses were parted right in the middle, since this type of coloring does not require any fancy stylings and one should not be too distracted to soak up the brilliance and mystery of this poetic coloration. Her waves are casual and follow their natural flow.

Different Shades of Pink

Long hair with different shades of pink
Did you know that pink comes in this many shades? Her long center parted hair shimmers in tones of hot pink, fuchsia, purple pinks, warm rose and a silver lavender.
The intensity and depth of the hair color decreases from the top to the bottom in a smooth blending technique. There are even touches of blue in the tips. All together it looks like a fairy tale made out of hair. What are you waiting for?
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