Cindy Crawford Hairstyles

easy to care for long hairstyle Cindy Crawford with blunt cut long hair Cindy Crawford with slightly curled hair
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Cindy Crawford is a former American model, actress and furniture designer. She was born February 20th, 1966 and her trademark is a mole or beauty mark above her upper lip.
Cindy has been enjoying one of the most stable and amazing careers in her business and has stayed true to herself throughout the whole time. She never gave up her little beauty mark and her hair.
Her long layered hairstyle has been copied throughout the world for many years. But even within the confines of one haircut, Cindy has found ways to add a bit of variation.
The partition can be in the center or slightly off to the side and the look has a different vibe. Also it can be styled wild and wispy with a lot of feathering and motion or sophisticated and sleek, with a lot of shine.
Subtle changes in color also keep things new and Cindy has been using many tones of the darker brown palette with some red shades or cocoa hues. Cindy has a slender face and haircuts with a bit of side volume work best for her to not look too skinny.
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