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Version Originale by Haute Coiffure Française

  • sensuous waves
  • hair rising high
  • short asymmetrical hair
  • male fashion haircut
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Glamour, luxury and grand style are back to adorn us. Put on that little black dress and boost the volume of your hair. Catherine Deneuve, the French movie and style goddess must have inspired the first two looks which are classic with a very modern twist.
A third style is a pure fantasy of shape, light and color that has come true. All hairstyles smolder in a soft gold warm copper. Men wear their hair this season a bit less playful and more in a somber, retro, cool cat kind of style. Classic from root to tip his hair reflects the fashion of the 40s and 50s with short sides and a longer top section.
Hairstyles: Haute Coiffure Française
Photography: Olivier Desarte
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