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Urban Beat

Spoiled Hairdressing

  • short mens haircut
  • curly mens hairstyle
  • male bowl cut
  • undercut for men
  • short cut for men
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We hope you are not disappointed, but the guys you see on this page are not the members of a hot new boy band. Good news is that all of that eye candy is the new trend in hair fashion for men and soon you will see much more of it on the streets of your city as well.
Urban Beat, the new collection by the aptly names Spoiled Hairdressing features haircuts that are influenced by modern pop art culture and the trends which the hair designers have seen emerging on the streets. Short hairstyles with much texture and unique styling options are interpreted all anew through the lens of the urban vibe. Softness mixes effortlessly with masculinity, colors are left up to his imagination and courage.
Salon: Spoiled Hairdressing
Hair: Holly Scanlan, April Allen, Natalie Murray, Rachel Robertson
Styling: Ian Todd
Photography: Matthew Hearne
Products: Sebastian styling range and Label M