Urban Beat by Spoiled Hairdressing

Hair fashion for men
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We hope you are not disappointed, but the guys you see on this page are not the members of a hot new boy band. Good news is that all of that eye candy is the new trend in hair fashion for men and soon you will see much more of it on the streets of your city as well.
Urban Beat, the new collection by Spoiled Hairdressing features haircuts that are influenced by modern pop art culture and the trends which the hair designers have seen emerging on the streets.
Short hairstyles with much texture and unique styling options are interpreted all anew through the lens of the urban vibe. Softness mixes effortlessly with masculinity, colors are left up to his imagination and courage.

The Graduate

Short men's haircut with many styling options
Modern men's hairstyle with punk inspired styling
Close to classic haircuts for men, this short look offers the highest variability and styling options. Clean lines along nape and side are contrasted by thorough texture all around from the shorter, graduated back to the longer top.
The transition is seamless, and all of that handsomeness is crowned by the jagged, modern fringe. The styling directs the hair forward making use of its fine texture. Another version is to add some lift and just spike the top hair to a soft punk inspired style.

Swanky Curls for Men

Curly men's hairstyle with a wedge shape
Transitioning blonde hair colors for men
The Seagulls have long flocked away, but a memory of their signature style pops up every now and then. The high rising front and long bangs make this curly men's hairstyle especially stylish in a retro meets modern urban sense. Small curls provide the structure, and a great cut provides the shape.
A graduated back moved into a wedge shaped top which is enhanced by a play of hair colors transitioning from a light to a dark blonde. This can be done in different color combinations as well, but with an expressive hairstyle like this, natural hair colors look great and not overdone.

Advanced Bowl Cut

Male bowl cut or mushroom haircut
Fashionable mushroom haircut for men
The mushroom haircut is all grown up and once again super trendy for men. Intense texture softens up this bold shape, and the ribbon around his neck is perhaps the greatest fashion idea since the bow tie. Modern, cool and metropolitan, he will shine with this avant-garde look.
The trick is to keep the cutting line clean and neat and all of the texture within the lightly layered top. This way the contrast is greatest. Various stages of ruffling the hair can be used to express the beat of the day.

Undercut for Men

Undercut hair with extremely short sides for men
Modern male hairstyle with undercutting
Undercuts are back in fashion since HBO's Boardwalk Empire. The 1940s were definitely part of the inspiration, but it does not end there. Elements of punk, rockabilly and modern street vibe found their way into the design of this cool hairstyle for men.
Extremely short clipper cut sides are contrasted by the drastically longer and disconnected top. Styled as a quiff or windswept, options there are many. Use your imagination and play a little with your comb and pomade.

Short Cut with Momentum

Trendy short hair cut for men
Modern male haircut with sideburns
A look made of fire and ice. Texture and shape correspond in an irresistible rhythm created by extreme texture throughout the haircut that stands opposite the clean outline around the ears and the thin sideburns.
The crown and fringe feature the longest lengths on his trendy head and all of the defined strands are pulled to one side as if by a strong magnet. Highlights support the visual velocity and add fine sparks to his hair and most likely into the eyes of his latest crush.
Salon: Spoiled Hairdressing
Hair: Holly Scanlan, April Allen, Natalie Murray, Rachel Robertson
Styling: Ian Todd
Photography: Matthew Hearne
Products: Sebastian styling range and Label M
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