Shampoo for Thinning Hair

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Q: I am a 60 years old female who has thinning hair. Recently, I was having it professionally colored every six weeks. I also used Couvre in the blonde shade to cover my scalp. Is there any particular shampoo that you would recommend to give my thinning hair a much fuller look? I set my hair on rollers.
Do you have any styling products (gels, mousse, etc.) that you would recommend for thinning hair? Is there a hairspray you would recommend? I work in a hospital, and we use florescent lighting. Thanks for any tips on masking my thinning hair that you can send me.

A: Well, the first thing I would recommend is that you be sure that you are using a volumizing shampoo. There are many brands available, and I’ve never noticed one to be that much better than another, so you should use the one that you feel most comfortable with.
There are shampoos that describe themselves as “thickening” shampoos, but they primarily work to swell the diameter of the hair to make the individual hairs thicker, and won’t necessarily help in your situation.
If you don’t already have such a style, you may want to consider a curly hairstyle. A perm, or even a daily hot roller set to add some volume to the hair will help make the hair look fuller. There are also products for “root lift” that can give thin hair a fuller look by making the hair stand out more. These products are simply sprayed on the hair at the scalp, and a blow dryer is used to dry them so that the hair stands up away from the scalp.
If your hair is longer, you can try blow-drying the hair upside down, which will give you some extra lift and volume in the hair. In doing this, you might want to use a volumizing mousse product to give the hair maximum fullness without adding a lot of weight, like styling gels can.
As for hairsprays, be sure to use a fine-misting spray that won’t over-saturate the hair, which can lead to clumping strands. And always allow the hair to dry for a moment or two after spraying before you comb through or adjust the style.
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