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Shake Hairstyle

Q: I would like to see the hairstyle that is called the "shake".
A: "The Shake" as a hairstyle term refers to the current trend in styling for the artfully unkempt, bed-head look. Generally, the style features choppy layers that are often razor cut, and the hair is sprayed with a liquid or liquid-gel product and styled by inserting the fingers into the hair at the scalp and shaking the hair vigorously for a haphazard, tousled effect.
shake hairstyle
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A "Shake" hairstyle can be a variety of lengths, though is generally a shorter style, and can be created on any wave pattern, though it looks most effective on straight hair or hair that is only mildly wavy. The goal is a hairstyle that looks as though you just got out of bed, yet still looks great.
Technically, there is no one hairstyle that is "The Shake", although there are specific styles that fall under the heading. In some areas, the shake may be a chin-length, layered cut, while in other areas "the shake" is considered to be similar in length to the pixie cut - more boyish and gamine.
The key elements of the shake style are simple: it has chunky, choppy layers; it is a full-volume style that never looks too overly-groomed; and it is a funky sort of style that generally appeals to the younger generation.
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