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Shake and Go Bobs

Q: I read that "shake and go bobs" are very popular now. It is supposed to be a type of bob that you shake into shape when you get up in the morning. Doesn't this sound too good to be true? Don't you need a certain type of (pin straight) hair for this or are there certain hair products that can help to get it done?
A: Actually, the concept of “wash-n-wear” or “shake-n-go” styles has been around for a long time. While many of the looks literally are “shake” and “go”, the idea behind these looks is simply that of a simple style can be easily achieved with minimal effort.
sleek shake and go bob
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Regardless of the specifics of the style, the look is generally available to a range of hair types. It relies on the skill and talent of the stylist to assess the individual’s hair and adapt the style to work for the individual. This kind of “organic” styling takes into account the specific needs of the individual’s hair.
The exact cut of the style will factor in what works best for the individual’s hair, allowing the cut to be “shake-n-go” regardless of the texture or wave of the hair. Obviously, certain hair textures and wave patterns will lend themselves more readily to a bob style, and will be very easy to shake-out on the morning. But other types of hair can work in the look with a little adaptation.
The thing to remember when looking for this kind of style is that you want a simple cut that makes the best use of your hair’s natural texture and wave pattern. Products are often needed to finish the look, but you want to make sure that it’s simply a matter of “applying the product and being done” if you need product. In other words, the product in this case may help to resolve issues like “bed head” and/or freshen curls, but should never need accompanying styling like blow-drying or flat-iron use.
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