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Grow Out Curly hair

Q: I have naturally curly hair and it is above shoulder length now and would like to grow it out, my question is where is the best place to get a hair cut, and what options do I have during these horrible in-between stages?
A: Your problem is all too common for many women. They want their hair to grow out, but they dread the in-between stages that come with growing the hair long. What you need is a stylist who will work with you to do long-term planning, look through hairstyle books with you and select styles of varying lengths that are both appropriate to your hair and features and get you started on the evolving process of developing your new look.
As to the question of the best place to get your hair cut, the answer is wherever you feel comfortable with the hair stylist giving you service. In your situation, you will want to select a stylist you will be comfortable sticking with during the growing-out process. Otherwise, you’ll find it necessary to explain what you want for the immediate and long-term with regard to your hair. And if you go from stylist to stylist during this phase, you run the risk of encountering one who doesn’t really understand your goals, or who may take liberties with “how much to trim” and cause you a setback that could add months to your “growing out phase”.
The first thing you want to do is start looking at magazines for photos of people whose hair is similar to your own and who have hairstyles you admire, preferably styles that are longer than your current length. By approaching the growing process in stages, you minimize the “in-between” stages you have to deal with, and are able to go more quickly from one flattering style to another as your hair gets longer.
As to selecting a hair stylist, the best method is to talk to friends, or use referrals from sources you trust, then talk to the stylist(s) to whom you are referred. A good stylist will spare at least a few moments to talk with a potential client and help him or her make a decision – particularly when the decision is whether or not to use their services. If you can’t get referrals, then simply look at the ads for local salons and pay a visit to a few of them. Look at the styles being created and choose a stylist and salon based on whether their “styles” seem to match your taste.
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