How to Grow a Moustache

Different shapes for moustaches
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Q: How do you grow a moustache? I plan to grow a moustache, but don't know where to start. Do I simply stop shaving or what? Will I need to buy a lot of new grooming products and tools? I already heard about moustache combs and moustache wax. Anything else I need to think of?
A: To grow a mustache, some men simply just stop shaving, while others find that facial hair isn't happening for them (at least maybe not when they first try to grow it out).
For men, facial hair is very much a matter of hormones and genetics. Some boys sport thick, lush facial hair before they graduate from high school, while other men may be in their thirties and still unable to grow anything more than a wispy set of whiskers.
If your facial hair seems cooperative, you should simply be able to stop shaving and allow the hair to grow; then shape it as it does so. Since you already know about things like mustache wax and combs, the only thing left is the trimmer.
A good trimmer is most important. They are inexpensive and can be found in cordless varieties that are easy to maneuver (you can get a good-quality cordless trimmer for around $20.00 U.S.). Don't confuse a trimmer with clippers. Clippers are meant to cut the hair of the scalp and are sized accordingly.
Trimmers are meant to cut the hair of a much smaller zone, and to do so with attention to intricacy and clean lines. Trimmers also cut the hair closer (because the blades and "teeth" are smaller) which is important in getting a good, clean shave in the areas where you don't want hair.
And finally, keep your other shaving supplies handy. Unless you are planning to let your hair take over your face and neck, you'll still need to shave the areas around the perimeter of the facial hair you decide to keep. Otherwise, you ruin the effect of looking well-groomed.
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