Hipsedelic by Santilli System

Hairstyles to express your free-thinking
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This collection finds its inspiration from the end of the 1970s - a period following the hippie culture movement when the ideals of freedom were expanding the community, primarily expressed in the looks and fashions of young people worldwide.
The inspiration for these styles stems from the attitudes of free-thinking and the expression of individual personality. Limits, rules, and constraints are ignored as the individual reigns supreme.
In its heyday, Studio 54 in New York required potential entrants to have 'a look' to set them apart. The rules are the same for this collection. You must have a customized image - one that reflects your personality and enhances the assets you bring to the table.
This collection features hairstyles clearly defined by sharp lines, clean curves, and contours. Color is used to enhance the shape and texture of the hair, with highlights providing iridescence over the base tones in shades of 'blue gasoline' blending closely with 'chestnut brown' and 'mahogany.'
The heavy lines feature asymmetrical elements that serve as focal points and break up the heaviest angles to create balance in volume and harmony in proportions.

Extremely Asymmetrical Cut

Short and extremely asymmetrical haircut
Hair with sharp edges and smooth styling
This extremely asymmetrical cut is characterized by razor-sharp edges and smooth, curving lines that complement the silky, smooth styling of the hair. With accentuating elements such as the feathery drape along the right cheek as part of the fringe and the framing bends behind the ears, the style seems to conform to the head in the most organic fashion.
The color effects are vibrant, yet not overpowering, instead acting as an iridescent glow off the high sheen of the hair's finish. The tones of peacock blue and wine red add depth and dimension to the otherwise inky depths of the onyx color base.

Depth and Visual Interest

Hairstyle with clean sharp lines
Hair with color variations
The warm, almost natural effect of the blending of colors in this look creates depth and visual interest for the simple hairstyle. The outline of the style features clean, sharp lines, and the styling offers some versatility in the look, as evidenced by the two photos shown above. The accentuating elements emphasize the line of the neck by dropping vertical lines before and after the ear to follow the lines of the musculature.
The styling is sleek and smooth, designed to enhance the contours of the layering and emphasize the satin finish of the hair. The subtle variation in color in the base tone above is enhanced by the bold, bright swath of golden-orange highlighting. The combination brings out the look of the more natural base tones and emphasizes the almost wood-grain dimension.

Long Asymmetrical Cut

Long asymmetrical haircut in black with a red accenting color
Hairstyle with razor-crisp edges
The sharp-edged style is given a longer line and silhouette in this asymmetrical cut. The contoured layering is styled smooth and flat for a sleek finish, while the fringe features an accent element to add visual interest and draw additional focus to the color zone.
The blue-black base tone serves as a near-perfect foil for the Chinese red of the accenting color. Applied in a very subtle way, the bold color blends smoothly with the base tone, creating a vibrant accent without being overpowering. The hair is styled to be sleek, smooth, and maintain its razor-crisp edges.

High-Volume Style

High-volume hairstyle
The cut and styling of the previous hairstyle are revisited here. This is the same model, but with the hair restyled into a high-volume style, omitting the sharp lines and edges.
The finished look is one of controlled chaos, with a focus on diffusing the lines and edges of the cut for a softer appearance. This has the added benefit of bringing the bold accent color into sharper prominence, as the fringe area where this element resides is kept more controlled to maintain the integrity of the finish.
Hair: Cristiano Leuzz
Color: Alessio Giorgi
Makeup: Big Carla
Photography: Alessandro Maggi
Collection created by: Santilli System Artistic Team
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