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Santilli System Artistic Team

This collection finds its inspirations from the end of the 1970's - that period following the hippie culture movement when the ideals of freedom were enlarging the community, and being expressed first and foremost in the looks and fashions of young people all over the world.
The inspiration for these styles grows from the attitudes of free-thinking and expression of individual personality. Limits, rules and constraints are ignored and the individual reigns supreme.
  • extremely asymmetrical haircut
  • hair with smooth styling
  • hairstyle with styling versatility
  • clean sharp haircut
  • long asymmetrical hairstyle
  • hairstyle with razor-crisp edges
  • controlled chaos hairstyle
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In its heyday, Studio 54 in New York required potential entrants to have "a look" to set them apart. The rules are the same for this collection. You must have a customized image - one that reflects your personality and enhances the assets you bring to the table.
This collection features hairstyles clearly defined by sharp lines, clean curves and contours. Color is used to enhance the shape and texture of the hair with highlights that provide iridescence over the base tones in shades of "blue gasoline" blending close with "chestnut brown" and "mahogany".
The heavy lines feature asymmetrical elements that give focal points and break up the heaviest angles to create balance in volume and harmony in the proportions.
Hair: Cristiano Leuzz
Color: Alessio Giorgi
Make-up: Big Carla
Photography: Alessandro Maggi
Collection created by: Santilli System Artistic Team