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Avant Garde Collection by J.7

  • gypsy style
  • sexy satin dress
  • yellow silken dress
  • ethno look
  • afro look
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J.7 presents extraordinary stylings and looks once a year with their “creative collection”. Selected styles that know no limit. The looks are easy to recognize with their primal, effervescent joy in experimenting that is bound to no rules.
J.7 school presents new trend looks already twice a year. Why is there now an additional “creative collection”?
With our trend collections we work with the tendencies and developments that already exist. Then a unified project is realized with shape, color and styling, that can be looked at as a further evolution of the fashion trends. The rules are clearly recognizable. Just like guard rails along streets. All this means is that with the conception of the Trend looks a given path is followed. This involved much conceptual thinking and planning. It’s also a lot of fun, but when you have been doing it as long as we, you feel like venturing into some other areas. Like going off-road driving.
Which guiding ideas are important for the Trend collection?
Is this a topic in fashion? Can it be converted? Can we communicate it to other stylists during our workshops? And of course – Does it work with the male and female clients? Even a very creative result we are looking at many restrictions right from the beginning.
So you want to run wild creatively. In competitions this should be in the category “avant-garde”, right?
Yes. However I have made the experience that at least with the second participation in a contest exactly these internalized rules suddenly returned. Instead of letting creativity flow freely, you think about it too much and try to figure out what the jury might like to see. Or - How does my style have to look in order for me to win? I have noticed this behavior at international and national competitions as well as during our own j.7 creative award, where only our employees participate.
And why is that different with the ‘creative collection’?
It is different because from the beginning on there was one wish: I just want to do hair. Detached from all directions and without regard to any competitions I just want to experiment with hair and photography. The result is a fleeting work of art, a creative shot of one moment in time. It does not have to be reproduced. The original stands alone.
That means you are looking for as much creative freedom as possible?
Correct. And I also want to include the Artistic Team, the Make-Up Artist, the Stylist and the Photographer in this.
How did your team respond to this new approach?
It was not easy in the beginning. Sometimes, when there is so much freedom, you just don’t know anymore were to start. It takes a while until you venture with confidence into this wide open space without a path and direction and the first original idea comes to life. But exactly this is what is so incredibly exciting -to work just for the moment and forget all about publicity effect and winning.
Hair & Make-up: J.7 artistic team
Photos: Vlado Golub
Styling: Nicole Czapalla