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"Carat" Hairstyles Collection

Axel Marens

The new hairstyles by Frank Ranea can only be described as precious. Like rare gems of timeless beauty.
Together with his creative team Ranea brings us pure and sophisticated haircuts and colors for "men and women who are a little extravagant, but of great elegance."
  • long bob
  • bob caressing the face
  • elegant masculine style
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The spirit of pure luxury is obvious in all the styles which are cut with precision and that have some surprising styling elements, for example a subtle asymmetry and a play with individual lengths and textures. The inner soul of all the new looks are classic cuts of intense beauty. The colors are also pure, intense and elegant.
These three examples catch the essence of "Carat" and with the choice of two very different female models Ranea proves how his hairstyles can adapt to the natural beauty of every woman.
Hairstyles: Axel Marens
Photographer: Philippe Cotin
Photos: ©Groupe RanĂ©a