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Ines de La Fressange Hair

Q: A while ago Uniqlo launched a collection in collaboration with the French fashion icon Ines de La Fressange. I love the collection and already bought a few items. I think that the clothes and Ines’ hairstyle are a perfect match and I would like to get my hair cut into a similar style. Unfortunately my natural hair is very straight and just below my shoulders. I don’t mind getting my hair cut, but it is the rest of the process that worries me. How will I be able to get and keep the curl? With rollers or a perm? And what about the movement and bounce? Is it ok to just show my hairdresser a photo of the style or are there specific things I should ask for?
It is always a good idea to bring in photos to your hair stylist so that the two of you can get on the same page. A few photos of the same haircut is even better. The more angles you can bring in of the cut, the better.
Ines de La Fressange
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The particular hairstyle that you are interested in is an extremely wavy and very thick one. If you have thin, straight hair - it will be a challenge for you daily. Hot rollers would be a great option to achieve the volume and bounce but it is something you would have to do everyday.
The length of the style is nice and lends itself well to hot rollers. Hot rollers help add bounce and volume. Using a hot curling-iron to achieve the same look will give you lackluster results. The hair will be curly but you won’t get that bounce and volume as shown in the photos.
The key to hot rollers is to allow them to heat up all the way, place them in your hair and then allow them to cool all the way. Spritz in a flexible hold hairspray before and after you put in the rollers for added hold throughout the day. Once you get a hold of rolling them in everyday you’ll be a pro and it will just be a part of your daily routine.
A perm is something you could consider but we would suggest you seek out a perm specialist who could give you an accurate prediction of your results and daily maintenance to achieve this hairstyle.
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