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See it. Love it. Get it. The new looks for summer are simply irresistible.
Crazy or classic, noblesse or new wave, short chic or big hair. Fashion is always about setting the right accents. So watch out! The hairstyles of the central association of the German hairstylist trade (ZV) show the trends of spring and summer. Between Laissez Faire and Luxury, there is room for everyone to find the best look. Now it is time to choose.
Ready for a new look? No problem. With their magic the fashion makers of the ZV have put beauty and the spirit of the times on heads. The result is a colorful mix consisting of unconventional and expressive hairstyles. The styles perfectly support their fashion role-plays, allow thems to display the different facets of our identity in a fashionable way.
Beauty begins inside the head. Or in better words: on the head. A good example for this is the spring/summer collection 2008 of the ZV. With all its fascinating diversity. With creations that could not be more different. Characteristic to the looks are compact geometry in haircuts, clear shapes, stillness and motion.
Retro touches arise from the 70s and the 80s, but even futurism and the golden twenties find their expression. The bob is again everybody's darling. Two new versions surprise with their high fashion factor.
The colors are generally picked matching the individual type. The center of attention is the color palette with blonde and brown tones. Colorful accents are created with red, copper, orange and pink. Subtle harmonies of color are achieved with natural highlights and tone-in-tone shadings.
Style is hot, greed however is not. Especially not when it comes to fashion. The trendy looks of spring and summer convince with creativity and class. One more beautiful than the next. No wonder. The basis of the collection is innovative technologies, refined plays with color, individual styling. The result can let itself be seen: ultra chic and unmistakable looks.

Gorgeous Short Cut

Haircut with short sides and longer top hair for women
Pixie cut with very short sides
Hair trends
Once your hair is this pixie short, you will understand the magic of it. Not only will you feel liberated and beautiful, you will really look it. Short haircuts for women come in many shapes and forms and often follow the trends that also influence the shapes of haircuts for men.
This season the dernier cri is short sides with longer top hair. The most simple styling is just drying the hair naturally in the air and letting it follow its natural direction with just a little tweaking by hand and a little product. This hairstyle is natural and sexy, made for a mellow afternoon in the sun.

Lifted Top Hair

Very short gamine haircut for women
Who said bow ties are only for the boys? They look even more attractive on women and are adorable when worn together with a very short and gamine haircut. The previous pixie cut look is now made ready for a night out on the town.
The new movement and vivaciousness is done easily with adding some lift to the base and lifting the top hair a bit higher. The added volume and a swing to one side come with the trendy asymmetry and a cool edginess. The sandy blonde is stunning with the very subtle silvery highlights.

Slick Styling with Gel

Very short female haircut styled with wet look gel
The wet look is back and with it come new styling ideas for classic cuts. This very short and feminized men's haircut looks sultry on her with a side part and a slick treatment that reminds of the masculine hairstyles of the 1930s and 40s.
Gel or pomade can be used to comb through the hair and style it to both sides of the partition and the a little twist of the comb raised up the fringe to the catchy little wave. Combined with large jewelry, modern or vintage and a bold eye make-up even the most "manly" haircut oozes female power.

Clipper Cut Sides for Women

Very short hairstyle with clipper cut sides for women
Hair fashion trends
Baby soft in texture and shining in a color that makes us think of a field of summer flowers, this very short hairstyle is enchanting without end. The top hair is long enough to play with several styling options and the sides are clipper cut to a velvety short length.
For this glamorous but simple look, the hair is combed forward over the crown and only non-sticky products were used to keep the texture as open and smooth. The fringe is textured and features a level cutting line at about the middle of her forehead.

Short Bob with Color Effects

Short 1920s charleston flair bob cut between the cheekbones and chin line
Her gaze may be coy, but her sassy and classy haircut is not. Short bobs that are cut between the cheekbones and the chin line always have the charleston flair of the wild and spirited 20s and 30s of the last century. With its soft edges, short fringe and the interesting combination of hair colors, this specific creation, however, is all modern.
A clear geometry of the cut is contrasted by the marbled color effects of beige blonde, gold and a delectable berry tone. It looks great in its sleek styling, but there are many more options to play with this short and snazzy cut.

Layered Colors on a Short Bob

Short bob with layered or marbled effect hair coloring
The haircut is well known and still a favorite of stylish women all over the planet. The hair color, on the other hand, is a brand-new creation and fascinates with its intricate pattern, that appears to be random, but a lot of precise work and planning went into it.
To achieve this marbled effect, which by the way conjures up dreams of champagne truffles with a white chocolate and raspberry filling, the hair was sliced into thin layers, each one of them given another shade of color and separated by wide sheets of foil. This innovative technique opens up new creative paths that have endless possibilities as you will see in the next picture.

Flapper Girl Look

Short bob with the hair styled forward for a flapper girl look
It is short, but it comes with a ton of different styling options that want to be explored! Give your short bob a new face every day just by changing the direction of the hair. Here the hair was styled forward from the back, showcasing the finely graduated neck, but also diagonally across the crown, a move that reveals the inner layers and a new pattern of hair color.
Instead of marbled as in the sleek version, the color now appears in wide streaks. A little angle to the bangs makes them look even shorter than they are cut, but also gives them more attitude.

Short 1920s Hairstyle

Short 1920s hairstyle with water waves
Retro is in and there are surely occasions in your life to really shoot for an extravagant look. Show your sultry but also romantic side with the smooth water waves that are skillfully combed into the short bob.
The partition was drawn in a way to reveal the layers of color so that fine, snaked waves in the purple and fuchsia tones emphasize the movement. Pomade or gel can be used to drench the hair with and the waves are worked in with a fine comb.

Modern Bob with a Long Fringe

Modern bob with a long fringe and tapered sides
A few tricks in the cut make this bob so very flattering and modern. The essence of the classic look is still there but a few tweaks on the lines, including a tapered side, a slightly graduated neckline and a very long fringe, give it a hip, flirty and trendy appearance.
The shape is well thought through but appears as effortless and natural as the color. Sandy blonde with a kiss of honey are radiant and provide an alluring and subtle elegance. Check out the following pictures for a side view and some styling options!

Fashionable bob

Fashionable bob with one shorter side seen from the side
Seen from the side the full finesse of this classic meets modern bob reveals itself. The curved lines are beautifully balanced and take the beholder's eye from her cheekbone to below her chin on the other side.
Asymmetry is subtle and delicate but has an amazing effect. A side part with one shorter, tapered side is opposite an extra long, triangular cut fringe that hides half of her face for a very sultry and mysterious look.

Stylish Asymmetrical Bob

Elegant asymmetrical bob with an inward curve
Elegant and sassy can work together and this asymmetrical bob is one of the best examples for this combination of expressions. Not only is it very versatile and can it be styled in a very extravagant way but also in a classy, almost retro chic, it frames her face in soft curves and draws attention to her features.
A round brush can be used to add a little more inward curve and volume into the sides and with the bangs styled out of her face, the entire expression changes. A great touch is the transition of darker hues in the back and underneath to the very sun kissed, honey blonde colored top hair.

Curly Bob

Curly blonde bob with a long fringe
Whether you are a bridesmaid, go to the opera, celebrate your birthday in style or just because you feel special - there are plenty of reasons to glam it up! With the concave bob cut as a base it is easy to go all out with a head full of luxury.
A combination of smaller, well defined curls and generous curves in the long fringe is full of fun, movement and a lot of chic. The lighter and darker tones of blonde add more luster to the already dramatic look.

Modern Shag

Easy to style and to maintain shag haircut with a longer neck section
So you consider yourself to not be a girly girl, but still want a hairstyle that is chic and most of all expressive. There is one just made for you. A modern shag cut comes with all of the attitude and allure you want and it is easy to style and to maintain. Strong and sensual at the same time, this rebellious haircut exudes modern femininity and a intense, free spirit.
The shortest lengths are in the back of the crown, gradually lengthening into a long side fringe and an even longer neck section that is visually separated by the sheer difference in length. Her colors are a beautiful, warm combination of earthy brown and copper spice tines.

Shag with Longer Neck Hair

Side view of a shag hairstyle with longer neck hair
Seen from the side the full nature of this shag cut becomes clearer. The longer neck hair is clearly separated from the rest of the hairstyle. The entire upper half of her hair is layered to shape a beautiful roundness with emphasis on a full back and a long fringe.
The hair color is used to accentuate and to visually enhance the movement of the styling. A bit of lighter copper along the face and in the long back sets a unique tone. Styling in this variation is all about volume and a disheveled look.

Fiery Styling

Side view of a shag with the hair directed towards the back
A change of direction can be quite invigorating. This energetic re-styling of the shag cut from before makes a big statement with just a little bit of effort. The layered hair is directed towards the back with wild waves and a lot of big motion and commotion.
The extra volume on the crown gives her a funky and extravagant vibe. Once again the color effects come into play with flame like effects.

Punky Shag Styling

Punky shag hairstyle with forward into the face styling
Do this do and feel the power! The way you look influences how you feel and vice versa. Every now and then there is a time to let it all out and to be rebellious, wild and very much out of the box. Out of any box.
Show the world your confidence and make a statement while looking this stylish. The forward, into the face styling comes with a strong flavor of the 80s, playing right into the still very current retro trend.

Modern Short Haircut for Men

Modern short haircut for men
Men love their haircuts to be versatile so that they can adjust them to all the different situations and environments they move in. With a clean cut short look featuring short sides and longer top hair, all of the bases are covered. In this first image the top hair was styled towards the front and forms a short fringe that reaches down to about half of his forehead.
Sides are neat and short just like the graduated back. Of course all of that chic needs a bit of a masculine infusion and this comes with the handsome and well defined, yet short, sideburns. His hair color is a very natural dark blonde with subtle highlights that look as if they were created by the sun.

Modern Men's Haircut

Modern men's haircut with differences in length
Seen from the front, the previous haircut reveals more of its interesting texture and the difference in length on the top and the sides. The transition between the two is clearly visible and gives a classic look its modern edge without being too rebellious.
This styling is all about being subtle but giving little hints to a more intense nature and wildness that may slumber within. Well, check out the next look and see what happens once unleashed!

The Wild Wonder of Gel

Man's hair styled with gel
It only takes a teaspoon, and the magic happens. Of gel that is. Worked through his layered and cropped haircut it turns a dapper classic to a rebellious statement of masculinity. The sides remain a bit more subdued and are styled close to his head, but on top is where the action happens.
Just a little bit of gel and the party is on. Upward and towards the front is the perfect direction and of course the little silk polka dot scarf around his neck and the developing pencil moustache turn him into a fashion poster boy.

Sideswept Styling

Short masculine hair styled up and forward
Up and forward is undeniable a cool styling, but he can kick it up a notch with bending the hair slightly to one side. The bangs are entirely lifted up and then flipped over. Now we can see the shorter undercut under the fringe which gives the longer top hair an extra lift and prevents it from falling flat into the forehead.
This novel trick also contributes to the interesting texture and movement of the man's hair. It can be styled left or right, depending on the natural direction of growth.

Male Retro Haircut with Flair

Retro men's haircut
Remember how cool the Miami Vice style was back then? Well, it is back, at least partially. You don't have to go for the lavender suit, but the men's hairstyle with slightly longer lines is a flattering one and will make the ladies take a second glance.
The outline is rounded and runs in an oval line from the short bangs to the longer neckline with everything in between layered and textured. You don't have to be a playboy to look smashing, but then again, a little bit of play never hurts. The warm brown color keeps it all grounded and adds a sensual warmth to the modern look.

Masculine Medium Long Haircut

Side view of a medium long haircut for men
How cool can you be?! With a masculine, medium long haircut, brimming with retro flair and the allure of pastel colored business suits, the look of the 80s heartthrobs is back to haunt us once again.
Styled a little more loosely and windblown, the rounded cut from before picks up momentum in this version and this side view photo is perfect to let us enjoy the cutting line.
A little more volume on top and a curled in neckline as well as the dainty edge of his sideburns are enough to out him as a fashion forward man.

Spiked Sideways

Man's medium long hair with the top spiked sideways
The symmetry of both previous versions of the man's haircut has its charm and comes with a lot of retro power, but this little sideward twist comes with killer charm and a ton of charisma.
The medium length of his hair lends itself to easy style changes and to get this look, he just used a small amount of product, pulled the sides out for a bit of lift at the roots before they fall down straight at the sides. The top hair goes in criss cross for a bit of bad boy allure, however the main direction is sideways.

Slicked Back Styling

Men's hair slicked back for a fresh out of the shower look
With the new products the slicked-back look has nothing of the greasiness of its predecessors. Still a look for fashion adventurous men, the modern version has more a "fresh out of the shower" feel and attracts us like bees to the honey. This can be a quick styling after the gym but also goes perfectly with a hot leather jacket or a tux.
Show us your real face, men out there and enjoy the rewards. A little facial hair is a fine addition, but don't let it get thicker than this attractive shadow.

70s Look for Men

70s hair look for men
A longer silhouette with sideburns and thick glasses has been the look of celebrities and other bad buys in the 60s and 70s. It comes back together with orange shirts and purple jackets. We are in for new kinds of eye candy and if nothing else. It will be colorful. His hair is but in a neat outline, with the hair reaching the collar in the back and the sides almost covering the ears.
The geometry in this haircut is softened but visible. One of the key elements are the long bangs. They are one of the hottest items this season and it is astonishing how different styling of the fringe can change the entire character of a look. If you want to find out more, check out the following images.

Eccentric Haircut for Men

Eccentric medium long haircut for men
Add a decade to the previous look and the en vogue styling focuses more on distinct geometric lines instead of rounded volume and the eye catcher in this medium long haircut is the fringe. A sharply pointed triangle dominates the look and is accompanied by a long neck and almost ear covering sides.
The side view shows neat and short sideburns that keep it all masculine and the warm brown color is illuminated by gentle highlights. With the diagonal styling across the crown and one eye covered, he is ready to join a modern boy band and make some girls weak in their knees.

Casual Look with Bandana

Medium men's haircut with flipped sidewards bangs
Little scarves and bandanas are hot fashion items, so is medium hair with a lot of movement. Long on top and in the neck, with slightly shorter sides and a lot of fine texture throughout, this man's haircut is made for variable styling. This time he pushes it all out of his face and gives it a nice flipped sidewards fringe.
A bit of lift on the roots can be achieved with mousse and skilled styling. This adds volume and also gives the look a certain stylish flair, but with an effortless feel.

Romantic in Curls

Wet look curly hair for men
Some men like it curly. It helps if there is a little bit of a natural wave already present in the hair, but if not, there are lots of products that will help to put the swirls and curls into his neat haircut.
For a wet look with this much movement, try a curl enhancing gel and massage it into the damp hair, scrunching it repeatedly. When the hair is dry, individual strands are separated and styled with the hands. The result is a look that does great on the beach but also at the club or anywhere in between.
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Photographer: Gabriel Dimanos, Köln, Germany
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