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Hairfashion Spring / Summer 08

Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks Hairstyles

  • short sides cut for women
  • very short pixie with lifted top hair
  • short female hair with gel styling
  • haircut with clipped sides for women
  • bewteen chin and cheekbones bob cut
  • bob with layered color effect
  • flapper girl hair look
  • short 1920s hair style
  • modern bob with long fringe
  • fashionable bob haircut
  • asymmetrical bob haircut
  • curly bob with side bangs
  • easy to maintain shag haircut
  • side view of shag with long neck hair
  • shag with hair styled towards the back
  • shag with punk hair styling
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See it. Love it. Get it. The new looks for summer are simply irresistible.
Crazy or classic, noblesse or new wave, short chic or big hair. Fashion is always about setting the right accents. So watch out! The new hairstyles of the central association of the German hairstylist trade (ZV) show the trends of spring and summer. Between Laissez Faire and Luxury there is room for everyone to find the best look. Now it is time to choose.
Ready for a new look? No problem. With their magic the fashion makers of the ZV have put beauty and the spirit of the times on heads. The result is a colorful mix consisting of unconventional and expressive hairstyles. The new styles perfectly support their fashion role-plays, allow thems to display the different facets of our identity in a fashionable way.
  • modern short haircut for men
  • modern mens haircut
  • short mens hair styled with gel
  • male hair styled up and forward
  • retro haircut for men
  • medium long haircut for men
  • spiked midlength hair for men
  • slicked back styling for male hair
  • 70s hair look for men
  • eccentric haircut for men
  • male haircut with side bangs
  • wet look curly hair for men
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Beauty begins inside the head. Or in better words: on the head. A good example for this is the spring/summer collection 2008 of the ZV. With all its fascinating diversity. With creations that could not be more different. Characteristic to the new looks are compact geometry in haircuts, clear shapes, stillness and motion.
Retro touches arise from the 70s and the 80s, but even futurism and the golden twenties find their expression. The bob is again everybody's darling. Two new versions surprise with their high fashion factor. The colors are generally picked matching the individual type. The center of attention is the palette with blonde and brown tones. Colorful accents are created with red, copper, orange and pink. Subtle harmonies of color are achieved with natural highlights and tone-in-tone shadings.
Style is hot, greed however is not. Especially not when it comes to fashion. The trendy looks of spring - summer convince with creativity and class. One more beautiful than the next. No wonder. The basis of the collection is innovative technologies, refined plays with color, individual styling. The result can let itself be seen: ultra chic and unmistakable looks.
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
Photographer: Gabriel Dimanos, Köln, Germany