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Medium Hairstyles

La Biosthetique Haircuts

  • eye-skimming bangs
  • upturned ends haircut
  • summery look
  • squared bangs
  • hairstyle with upturned ends
  • side-swept bangs haircut
  • long nape hairstyle
  • tight curls
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Somewhere between chin and shoulder is the magic medium length. These haircuts give you all of the advantages of short cuts, but come with the movement, bounce and volume of longer looks. A great way to get best of both worlds.
Many women choose medium hairstyles as a transition between long and short or vice versa, but you might just like your new cut so much and keep it for a very long time.
In this collection fine layers are used to build shape and structure. Tips are softened by point cut textures and the bangs are prominent, skimming the eyes and ever so trendy. Wearable looks with an edge and a very feminine flair, customized to the individual needs and wants.
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