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Roma Streets

Intercoiffure Mondial Hairstyles Collection

Rome is the ultimate city of culture and sophistication. The city radiates history at every turn. This city offers the ultimate inspiration for style. With streets that seem like a museum, stages for fashion, and the overall daily life of the people living in the city. The fashion of the city relies on both the history of the Italians and a rebelliousness of the individuals who inherit the country now.
  • bob with long fringe
  • fringe with highlights
  • rock and roll haircut
  • full fringe
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The Intercoiffure hairstyles collection "Roma Streets" truly captures the spirit of Italians. The haircuts are both classic with a modern touch and combine the old with the new. Blending the city life and suburban life along with light concepts is truly, what this collection is all about.
When in Rome, you will see styles that are truly trend setting; yet have a sense of history behind them. Rome simply brings out the architectural styles not only in the buildings, but also in the way people wear their clothing and their hairstyles. Wearing one of the Roma Streets hairstyles will show that you are a dreamer and an achiever.
Hairstyles Photos: © Intercoiffure Mondial
Artistic Team:
Rosanna Vecchiet - Italy
Georgia Kordelloy - Greece
Silvano Buttà - Italy
Patrick Ahmed - France
Guido Mantellassi - Italy
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