Couture Rock by Sanrizz

Off the face hairstyles
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A collection of looks that epitomizes a feline elegance.
Hair that has no mercy. Hard edge lines with expressive maximum volume and texture whatever the length.
Dark and elusive, chocolate browns with violets reflecting tones of copper.
A combination of sleek and refined, yet scrunched and messy. Extreme and wild yet sexy hairstyles. Exposing the beauty within by keeping the hair off the face.

Bouncing Curls Hairstyle

Shoulder length hairstyle with curls and the hair out of the face
A bounce that defies gravity, curls that are tempting and a silhouette that is daring and new. The shoulder length hair is layered in the lower 3rd and with the help of some large curls an enormous amount of volume is created.
Fluffy and scrunched but with a neat side partition and bangs combed out of the face. A chocolate brown with a light violet tone adds mystery.

Extravagant Short Hair

Extravagant short hairstyle with a trapeze shape
A mane that could be the talk of the town. Extravagant and wild, yet infused with an animalistic elegance that can only be found in nature's most beautiful creatures.
This hairstyle requires a lot of styling product and spray to hold the trapeze shaped base cut, teased and scrunched, up over the head. Part of the hair is spiked out to the side and the rest twirled and twisted.

Supershort and Spiked

Supershort and spiked hair with a high neckline
A hairstyle to reflect your strength and individuality. Thanks to Grace Jones supershort and spiked hairstyles became sexy. And they still are.
A high neckline and layers that slightly lengthen towards the front in a perfect curve are the key ingredients to this haircut. The color is a dark cocoa with some raspberry sprinkles in front.

Focus to the Face

Long hairstyle that brings focus to the face
This is not a hairstyle for a kitten. You have to be a lioness to pull this one off. Powerful volume, styled to bring focus to the face and creating a flaming frame around it. Long layers with large curls are lightly teased and fluffed up. Spray with head forward and then pull it back, finish with more spray to hold it all in place.

Huge Rolled Wave

Shoulder length hair with a huge rolled wave
1950s pin-up model meets Wonderwoman. Sleek and straight hair is styled in large sections appearing so strong and solid as if welded out of precious metal. The shoulder length hair is turned inward on one side outward on the other and a huge rolled wave decorates the forehead. It shines in a luscious chocolate brown.

Hairstyle Tailored to the Face

Chin length hairstyle tailored to the face
Tailored to the lines of the face and following the curve of the head in understated elegance. Like a veil the front opens to reveal the face. You might even forget that this is hair, so silky are the texture and the shine. The hair is cut at chin length in thining layers towards the ends. Shine serum brings out the luster.

Unruly Short Hairstyle

Unruly short hairstyle with short crops in the back
Choppy and unruly is the look, yet a clear silhouette remains in this sassy short haircut. Short crops in the back make room for longer layers towards the bangs. A narrow section in the middle is combed with gel to develop the impression of a hair band. Dark chocolate colors softly transition into a warm mahogany tone. Nice and naughty at the same time.

Hair with Movement

Long hair with volume and movement created by teasing
High-octane volume and vivacious movement are the key ingredients of the new styles. Here the trick is done by teasing the long layered cut. Tease towards the roots with a small toothed comb and just slightly ease over the creation with your hands. A good dose of spray helps to keep it all in place.
Hair: Sanrizz Artistic Team
Make-up: Ginni Bogado
Styling: Darren Knight
Photography: Roberto Aguilar
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