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Eye shadow application
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Eye Shadow
When applying your make-up on or around the eyes, the first step will be eye shadow. Depending upon the look you are trying to achieve, you will apply eye shadow to the lids (the upper and/or lower) the creases, and lower ridge of the brows. Generally this is to enhance the shape and contour of the eyes, making them appear more deep-set and romantic.
The area to which eye shadow is traditionally applied follows the following landmarks: the inside corner of the bridge of the nose and the outer point of the eyebrow horizontally, and the eyebrow and bottom of the lower lid vertically.
The specific methods of application vary both with the intended effect and the specific formulation of the make-up, but it should be noted that it is generally better to have lighter application of make-up for daytime wear, and more dramatic usage reserved for evenings. This includes keeping two separate color palettes of cosmetics with softer shades and pastels for day time, and richer colors and jewel tones for evening wear.
Until such time as you become very comfortable applying your make-up, you should always try to keep your applications simple. The looks that you seen in fashion and beauty magazines are wonderful but are usually applied by professionals who have years of experience and who spend hours making the look just right. If you attempt to duplicate the look on your own, you may find that you are disappointed with the results.
That’s not to say DON’T ever try new things, just keep your expectations realistic and make the changes in your techniques small. Rather than trying to duplicate the butterfly design of some fashion shoot, add in an additional color to your normal application to see how it will affect the look. Or perhaps you can use a neutral-toned metallic shade to add some sparkle to a daytime look.
Eye Liner
This is, in my humble opinion, the single-most misused cosmetic in the industry. When used well, it is irreplaceable for lending definition and drama to the eyes, but when used poorly, it can be clownish, and can ruin the whole look.
Eyeliner application
The secret to using eyeliner properly is two-fold. You must understand where and how it is meant to be placed, and you must practice applying it until you can do so comfortably and without hesitation. Even I, with years of practice and know-how, can find myself a little shaky when I start to apply eyeliner to a client. I just have to remember to take a moment to breathe deeply, and relax before I begin.
Eyeliner is meant to do as its name says. It is intended to line the eyes. It gives an outline to the sometimes bland borders created by pale eyelashes and fair skin. Generally, eyeliner is meant to be applied in a thin line just inside the rows of eyelashes. However, for those who want the eyes to appear larger, applying eyeliner along the outside edge of the lashes is preferred.
The thing to remember with eyeliner is that a gentle hand and light touch are sufficient. Remember that “less is more” is never truer than when you are talking about eyeliner.
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