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From Madrid, Spain, comes an elaborately festive collection of wedding hairstyles created by Grupo Schick.
The collection is characterized by the use of masses of curls, smooth woven elements and added touches of glitz in the form of hair accessories to create some fantastic - and even fantastical - hairstyles. Each look has its own touch of individuality, and all are ideal for a bride's big day.

Wedding Up-style with Curls

Wedding up-style with a crown of smooth curls
This elegant wedding up-style features a crown of smooth curls. The hair is styled away from the face and inward along the perimeter hairline, with hair from differing areas gathered to a single point or lightly woven for both aesthetic and functional effect.
The style can be adjusted as desired by increasing the firmness or decreasing the diameter of the curls to create an even tighter crown of curls, or by loosening the curls to create a softer, more romantic fall down the back.

Pulled Back Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle with the hair pulled back
Here we see a wedding hairstyle with the hair pulled back into the crown area and styled into a capped mass of curls. These curls are firm and voluminous, and are back-combed or ruffed to add volume and an airy quality. The addition of the gemmed stars gives the style a touch of glamour and an almost fairy-like quality.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyle

Romantic wedding hairstyle with rolling curls and waves
Romantic is the watchword for this style, with its top and sides woven to create a cap that gathers smoothly to the crown area. The remainder of the hair is left to spill in rolling curls down the back, creating soft romantic waves.
The strands of beads - in varied sizes - add interest to the style by creating a circlet effect and further securing the hair in place. The entire creation has a uniquely romantic and exotic look.

Wedding Hair Style with a Tiara

Wedding hair style with curls and a tiara
Any bride would feel like a queen wearing this up-swept style with a full fall of cascading curls. The angled, off-center parting at the fringe area divides the foreground into two smooth waves of hair which meet at the crown and emerge in an explosion of full-force curls.
The mass of curls continues into a flow down the back of the head and neck. The addition of the tiara to anchor the style makes this look truly regal.

Wedding Hairstyle with Volume and Curls

Wedding hairstyle with volume and curls
With another full-volume wedding hairstyle, comes this look with the smooth foreground gathered to the crown area and bursting into a leonine mane of big wavy curls. This is a great compromise for the bride who wants to have an elegant up-style but likes to play up her long hair. The sparkling accent pieces are a perfect complement to the occasion.

Classic Style with Knot of Curls

Classic wedding hairstyle
This smoother, more-contained hairstyle is a classic wedding look. The side-parted and smoothly swept top and sides gather to the crown where the hair is arranged into a rolling knot of loose curls. The large curls give the look a less severe turn than might be expected and add a generous helping of romance to the whole affair.

Flowing Spill of Curls

Flowing Spill of Curls
This is a repeat of the leonine theme, with smoothly drawn hair in the foreground gathered at the crown and curled into a soft flowing spill of curls down the neck. The gathered portion of the up-style is anchored with what appears to be locks of hair woven into a base. It is then secured and accented by the addition of crown-like accessories across the entire head.

Loose Soft Curls

Wedding hairstyle with loose soft curls
Much like the previous hairstyle in its construction, this style gathers the hair smoothly from the foreground to the crown of the head and forms a massive crowning effect of loose, soft curls.
However, in this variation, the curls are more tightly wound and are secured to minimize the fall effect, anchored around the circumference of the crown by jeweled accessories which help to hold the hair in place and add some sparkle.

Grecian Feel Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle with a headpiece and a Grecian feel
This partial bridal up-style features elements that are vaguely Grecian in feel. The hair is softly swept back from the face in gentle waves and appears anchored by the headpiece of overlapping strands of beads. The remainder of the hair is left to spill in soft curls across the shoulders or down the back. The look is both structured and romantically soft.

Partial Bridal Up-style

Partial bridal up-style with curls
Another partial up-style for a bride. This style appears to offer a partial twist at the crown and nape which sweeps back the sides, leaving the top, crown, and back sections of the head to fall freely down in a riot of long, flowing curls. The swirled, bejeweled accessories ensure a secure style and add some flash to the areas of interest.

Carefree Wedding Hairstyle

Carefree wedding hairstyle with gently pulled back hair
Here's a hairstyle for the bride with a carefree spirit. The foreground is gently pulled back to the crown and gathered while the ends are curled and curved softly to be arranged in an artful mass of thick, sweeping waves.
The addition of gem-crusted pins along the periphery of the mass helps to add interest and enhance the gentle sweeping lines of the style.

Wedding Day Hairstyle

Wedding day hairstyle for long hair
Long and lovely is a perfect description for this partial up-style. The top and fringe are styled for volume and a grand upsweep, while the sides are curved up and back to the sides of the crown, where the whole upper portions are anchored in swirling, spidery jewel-work.
The back and nape are left to flow freely in expansive cascades of soft waves. This makes another style best suited to those women who want to have some 'up-style' for their special day without confining their long locks.

Long Woven Hair

Wedding hairstyle with long woven hair
Here we see an up-style featuring an elaborate weaving technique to create a visually interesting and elegant wedding hairstyle. The model's long golden hair becomes its own accessory as it is woven in and out of itself, creating a golden cable of silky strands. The ends are left to flow gently down the back, providing a lovely balance between the up-style and the romance of a long hairstyle.

Silky Curls

Wedding hairstyle with thick coiled locks and silky curls
This woven style is created on a shorter length of hair and is a beautiful example of the technique. The foreground hair is styled back from the face, and the hair on the sides is drawn back and upward into a twist at the crown of the head where the wide sections are woven into a pseudo-knot, from which thick coiled locks emerge. The effect is a sleek, visually interesting style with smooth, silky curls draping down the back of the neck.

Sculpted Knot

bridal hairdo with a knot
Sleek, elegant and visually stunning is the best way to describe this full up-style that caps off the wedding styles collection. A side parting and a gently curved sweep of the hair to the crown draw all attention to the carefully sculpted knot.
The hair itself becomes its own adornment as thick locks are smoothed and shaped into an almost Celtic Knot of silken strands.
Hair: Grupo Schick - Madrid - Spain
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