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Racoon/Errol Shoot Step by Step: Brunette

Hair model before cutting the hair Point cutting hair texture Step 1: Preparing the Hair
Remove the weight line by point cutting texture into the perimeter to seamlessly blend the extensions.
Hair sectioning into an offset reverse triangle Step 2: Sectioning the Hair
Section the hair into an offset reversed triangle, leaving a two finger gap from the front of the hairline. The asymmetric reversed angle is positioned with the base of the triangle towards the crown and the point of the triangle at the temple.
Hair bonding for extensions Step 3: Forming a bond
Bleed the bonding through the hair by pushing up from beneath, bringing the hands together. Pinch top and bottom and roll between the fingers to form a solid bead using both hands. Repeat until a solid row of extensions are created.
Dramatic hair colour placement Step 4: Colour Placement
Apply a blend of Plum and Claret Vibrant Euro Extensions (Racoon colours E70 & E76) throughout the section in order to create a dramatic colour placement.
Blending of hair extensions with the natural hair Step 5: Blending the extensions
Use a razor to remove the bulk of the weight so that the extensions will hang better and blend well with the natural hair.