Hairstyles, Hair Care & Fashion

HOB Artistic Team

2005/6 Hairstyles Collection

  • feathered round haircut
  • purple hair coloring
  • nostalgic updo
  • perfectly shaped curls
  • short haircut with a steep angle
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With their new hairstyles collection for fall and winter 2005/2006 the HOB artistic team looks into the future, but is also firmly rooted in the past. Romance and nostalgia are redefined and tangible in every strand of hair. Noble looks come in sleek and textured structures with a no frills attitude in asymmetrical, curly and sleek.
Made for seductive warrioresses the expressive short haircuts are a thrilling mix of controlled form using geometry as a guideline, combined with the softness and warmth of feathery texture. Two longer looks express femininity and a refined sense for the exquisite.
Hair: HOB Artistic Team
Art Direction: Akin Konizi @ HOB Salons
Photography: Thomas Warwick
Make-up: Stefane Knight
Styling: Robert Morrison
Products: Wella