05/06 Collection by HOB Artistic Team

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With their new hairstyles collection for fall and winter 2005/2006 the HOB artistic team looks into the future, but is also firmly rooted in the past. Romance and nostalgia are redefined and tangible in every strand of hair. Noble looks come in sleek and textured structures with a no frills attitude in asymmetrical, curly and sleek.
Made for seductive warrioresses the expressive short haircuts are a thrilling mix of controlled form using geometry as a guideline, combined with the softness and warmth of feathery texture. Two longer looks express femininity and a refined sense for the exquisite.

Feathered Round Haircut

Short hairstyle with a steep angle and highlights
Density and feathery tips are concentrated in a short, geometrical cut surrounding her face with a bright platinum blonde glow. Bluntness and fine texture are combined for a strong look with a soft edge and a definite seduction factor. The hair is short enough to wear with high collars or, as seen here, a magnificent satin bow around the neck.
To create a subtle asymmetry the shape was shifted ever so slightly and a long, dainty strand was pulled into her face above one eye. A perfect ratio in shape and form make this modern hairstyle an instant classic.

Short with a Purple Dip

Short asymmetrical hair dyed purple
Round is beautiful but when it comes with a great effect like this asymmetrical dip on one side, it becomes really amazing. The playfulness of one side contrasts the controlled geometry on the other and it really pops out with the bright and gorgeous purple color it was dyed in.
The long flow in the fresh, floral hair color begins at the onset of her deep side part that is repeated in fine strands throughout the black base color. The sparkle and shine are enhanced with a gloss product.

Nostalgic Upstyle

Nostalgic upstyle with a braid around the crown
Inspired by hairstyles of noble women from past centuries this look holds its own even in the modern world. A dressy braid was created by twirling thick strands and working more and more hair into the wreath as it moves around her crown. The hair that is left was brushed until it was silky smooth and supple, then it was folded under and pinned.
A stunning color effect makes it even more special. Only her top hair has the rich brown color. The underneath is of a deep and dark black.

Colors and Curls

Perfectly shaped curls for brown hair with a purple glow
These cherub's locks are not your average curls. The frothy mane deserves a second and third glance, as you will discover more and more details, each time you look at this hairstyle. Not only are the curls perfectly shaped but also separated just enough to make each one stand out without getting frizzy.
The curls also come in different shapes, with a few longer and more deconstructed shapes demanding our attention on the side of her face. To heighten the effect, a glow of purple was brought in, working its undeniable magic in the medium brown hair. Finesse without limits.

Diagonal with Highlights

Short hairstyle with a steep angle and highlights
Sleek, slim, feminine and elegant. Short and not messing around, this little haircut makes an impression. The precision of the cut is mellowed out by a choppy texture along the steep angle of the diagonal fringe. Modern chic comes with subtle highlights, applied throughout the brown hair, but more concentrated in front.
The base shape to this hairstyle is a bob and it can be styled into the face, but also looks great pushed to the back.
Hair: HOB Artistic Team
Art Direction: Akin Konizi @ HOB Salons
Photography: Thomas Warwick
Make-up: Stefane Knight
Styling: Robert Morrison
Products: Wella
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