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You can purchase a French twist kit from most drugstores and main retailers for under $10. They are classy, keep hair out of the face and are quite durable styles. They will be sure to hold up to all of your travel demands. Don’t want to do it yourself? You can always visit your hairstylist and ask for one of these classic styles.
Shorter haired gals can also explore the low twist and low bun options. The best part about these styles (besides that they work for short hair) is that you can wash, style while wet and go! In fact, it’s best to do most braids and twisted styles while the hair is wet. There are many buns, twists and topsy tail type hair style kits out there. These are very inexpensive and make great investments if you travel often!
1.2.3 Knot It
The best part about a top-knot is that there is no right or wrong way to generate and wear this adorable style. It can have a slightly disheveled look, and that is okay! Pull your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Next, part the pony in half and use the two strands to tie a knot. Depending on how long your hair is, you can do more than one knot. Safeguard loose pieces with bobby-pins and hair spray into place. Strategically adding in a flower or some cute hair barrettes above or under the knot will give that extra pazazz you are looking for.
Bang and Rotate
Bangs, because of their short length and light weight tend to curl up and act crazy on long trips so most gals that rock a bang look for ways to keep them tame during extended journeys. Twisting the bangs and leaving the rest down provides a very feminine look.
Whether you use a headband braid or twist and braid your own hair, braiding or twisting the bangs give double duty by providing not only an elegant style but they also keep the bangs right in place. If you have bangs and are looking for a way to keep all of your hair out of your face, braid the bangs off to the side and put the rest up into a bun. There you have it, all up, out of your face and looking marvelous at the same time!
Half Up and Half Down Do
This style is simple, sophisticated and sturdy. You can jazz up this hairstyle by adding volume to the crown (the half up area) and by curling the loose locks (the half down area). To add volume in the crown, take the pony tailed section (the half up part) and pull the hair tie down 1 to 2 inches (loosen it) and then push the entire section of hair up (this pushes and lifts the entire crown area up off of the scalp). Secure it into place with bobby-pins under the hair tie and hairspray into position.
Hats, Scarves and Bling
Fedoras, flat caps, berets, western hats and wide brim hats are all fabulous travel options. There are literally hundreds of different types of hats you can utilize while traveling that can either make a statement or help you blend in with fellow travelers and wearing either will help conceal unsightly travel hair.
Hats not your thing? Consider some bling! Using accessories such as a bejeweled hair clip can not only keep hair in place but distract from any shortcoming your hair might have while traveling.
Want to channel Old Hollywood? Draw your hair up in a glamorous scarf to disguise the messy hair style that inevitably happens when traveling for long hours, tie under the chin or under the hair by the nape of the neck. Hair wraps are a major trend right now and you can pick them up just about anywhere but in the event that you cannot find one, you can make one out of a scarf or bandanna. Put your hair into whatever updo type of style you desire and tie the scarf or bandanna around your head like a headband. For an added touch of style and sophistication, make it a designer scarf. People will be turning their heads for all the right reasons.
In addition to these fantastic hair tips for traveling, try rocking a pair of designer sunglasses so that others will think you're an ultra-chic fashionista and not just a worn-out tourist. Hairfinder also recommends that while you are traveling the world to countries whose native language is not one you speak well, keep the salon visits minimal or at the very least only get services done that are difficult to mess up. Avoid services like haircuts and color that can be difficult to communicate. Miscommunication already happens often enough when interacting with a hairdresser in your hometown. Just imagine what can happen when you get your hair cut or colored by a hairstylist who doesn’t speak the same language. Whether you are on vacation or traveling for business, you want to keep your travel experience as stress free as possible so stick with a stylist you can communicate your ideas, desires and most importantly what you don’t want done to your hair in your own language. Take Hairfinder's wonderful travel tips for keeping hair looking fabulous while on the go and make your next trip as easy and glamorous as you can. Happy traveling!
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