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Fashionable Hair for Fashionable Men

Get over yourselves, guys! It is totally acceptable to care about your hair and actually have a desire to maintain the way that you look, keep up appearances and not let yourself fall by the wayside. It is a common misconception that if men spend a tad too much time, money, and care on their hair and the upkeep that goes along with they may not necessarily be “real men,” so to speak and are more effeminate. That is just a bunch of ridiculousness and babble created by lazy men who do not want to put in the time and effort in to their hair or do not think that women are that keen enough to even notice if a guy has amazing locks.
Trust me when I say that we do notice these things. Do you think that we were not totally mesmerized by Brad Pitt’s luscious highlighted lengthy strands in “Legends of the Fall” and that we were not walking away wishing that every guy could look that good with long hair? Yeah, we were and we wanted that, believe it or not. And we definitely would not be upset if our partners spent a little more time and money on their appearance because it is somewhat tit for tat and also, we just find it sexy if men care about how they look.
If I am in a man’s bathroom and I see that they have high end hair products, I am mildly impressed because it shows that their hair matters to them just like mine matters to me. I am not knocking those who cannot afford top notch products because I am a fan of all brands but seeing one or two fancier products is appealing and attractive, just saying.
Fashionable hair for guys

Going gray is awesome for both men and women but it is perfectly okay to have regular, standing appointments with a colorist to try new colors or to keep up your natural one if you do not want to be a silver fox. Not everyone is ready to take the plunge and that is totally okay and that does not mean that you are trapped in your youth but rather that you want to maintain a fresh style.
However, you need to know the colors that will best suit you as you should not be the most pale dude on the block and go for shoe polish black the moment you see one gray strand. It will look fake and that is not the goal at all and women can spot that and the one thing we do not like is fake. Well, some do but in general, we would like to pretend that even perfectly placed highlights are natural, on our partner and on us.
If you have darker skin, more tan, honey/golden/and chestnut hair colors are more the way to go and even some highlights and lowlights can benefit you. You might want to consider hair strobing or contouring that only accentuates your features and works with your skin tone. And the more depth that you hair has, the sexier it can be.
If you have fair skin, you want to avoid anything that is golden or honey and just opt for a basic medium brown. Your stylist will help you pick one that can make you pop. Try to pick one based on your eye color. Women pick eyeliners based on their eye colors so that is maybe what you should consider doing when you are aiming to pick your most flattering hair color.
Do not want to look like someone you are not. Be a cleaned up version of yourself and your partner will love it. If you are single, you will have a newfound confidence and you need to own this. I know you can do it, tough guy. And, in case you were wondering how many men get their hair colored: the number goes up five to ten percent every year! That’s a lot and it is just progressing by the day.
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