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Hair Color
Organic Salon Systems makes a ton of organic hair care products for when you are looking for hair color that is free of chemicals, formaldehyde, and ammonia. If you want products that are not tested on animals, are completely vegan and certified organic, use amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and botanical nutrients, then please check out the line from Organic Color Systems. The line has an impressive stock of 54 shades, 10 intensifiers and brighteners, 8 creams and liquid activators, and 2 non-bleach lightening systems that are all interchangeable.
If you find yourself wanting to be a beautiful brunette, try using an organic espresso (yes, coffee grounds) to color your hair. We all know that coffee stains and it has the same effect on the hair. Simply, mix ½ cup of leave-in conditioner (we suggest coconut oil) with 2 tablespoons of organic coffee grounds to ½ cup of cold-brewed coffee (if you find that your hair needs more, stick to the same proportions). Next, apply the mixture to the hair (just as you would any other hair color) and leave it in for one hour. This gives the hair a lovely coffee color without any of the chemicals or damage. If you don't see the anticipated results right away, try repeating the same process. Some women need more time for the coffee to penetrate the strands of their hair. Make sure to use apple cider vinegar to rinse and help lock in the color.
Repair Serum
John Masters Organics "Shine On" is a leave-in restorative treatment that is 91% certified organic (which is more than most other organic products). Shine On provides deep and concentrated moisture to help reverse the damage done to hair by using luxurious nutrients such as natural sea kelp and marine phytoplankton.
Homemade Hair Gel
Who wouldn’t want an organic, healthy, super inexpensive gel that only has two ingredients and only takes a few minutes to make? All you need is a stove, a handful of flaxseeds, water and cheesecloth or pantyhose (yes, it works!). What, really? Yes, and the best part is it only costs 14 cents per 8 oz of gel. Use 2 cups of water to ¼ cup of whole flaxseeds (you may add essential oils for a natural fragrance). Combine the seeds and water together over medium heat. Bring them to a boil, and then reduce to a simmer after the mixture begins to thicken. Turn the burner off and continue to mix; as it cools, it will continue to thicken. After cooling, strain the mixture using the cheesecloth (or pantyhose). This is where you would put your essential oils if you prefer a scented gel. Store the gel in a covered jar (in the refrigerator). Bonus: The proteins in the flaxseeds will leave your hair even stronger than before.
Eco friendly hair spray
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Volumizing Spray
Perhaps you are in the market for a good root-boosting spray. Intelligent Nutrients, founded by Horst M. Rechelbacher (an active environmentalist) who changed the world of beauty, has an incredible volumizing spray. The company's philosophy is that if it is good enough to go on your body, then it should be good enough to go in your mouth. They use GMO-free, non-toxic, safe, plant-based (pesticide-free) ingredients. The products from Intelligent Nutrients are created with state-of-the-art science that makes them highly effective. The weightless volumizing formula gives life to flat, wilted hair strands with aloe and bergamot-infused awesomeness. For a significant lift, spray in the section of the crown, focus directly on the root area and blow dry while giving the root section a gentle tug upward.
We are all in pursuit of a better, healthier, and longer life, and helping to protect and restore the planet is an equally important quest. Educating yourself on what is put into the products that you are allowing to penetrate your skin and supporting companies that are environmentally responsible by using recycled bottles or biodegradable packaging is a very important part of that.
By making your own products you can customize the scent and tailor the ingredients to fit your exact needs. You will know exactly what you are allowing your skin to come into contact with, and it is an economical decision as well because (most likely) making your own products will be cheaper than if you purchase them from the store. Generally it takes less time to make a product than it does to drive to the store and buy one. Also, reusing the same bottle helps reduce what gets sent to the landfill. If experimenting with homemade products is not your thing, then look for companies that use biodegradable products and are certified organic. Remember, as a rule of thumb, the more ingredients a product has, the more likely it is to contain risky elements that can seep through your scalp and skin.
As the celebrated and cherished Maya Angelou reminds us, "When we know better, we do better." So take this beneficial knowledge and enhance your life by avoiding toxic products and help you feel good about doing your part in keeping our planet clean. Now that we have better informed you of what products are available and how easy they are to make, go ahead and get started on a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle!
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