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Organic and eco friendly hair care
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To quote the legendary Maya Angelou, "When we know better, we do better"… According to the US Department of Agriculture, the 1970s brought us certified organic farms. Since then, we have become better informed and more educated as a society as we pursue a healthier, more organic lifestyle.
As we learn and uncover more through cancer research and delve further into malignancy and disease research, we, as a society, have developed a sense of unease because our awareness and knowledge of chemicals and pesticides have shown us they are hazardous.
Our newfound wisdom pushes and inspires us to not only pursue foods of organic origin but eco-friendly, organic cleaning products and raw, unprocessed, organic hair colors and products too. Through the organic movement, we have become more aware of what our waste is doing to our Earth too.
Hairfinder has compiled a list of the best eco-friendly products and companies that pay attention to and are mindful of our environment. In addition to ecological protection, they also help you limit (and in some cases avoid) the harmful chemicals, substances, and elements that come into contact with your scalp.
There are far more hair care products that contain chemicals, artificial ingredients, and synthetic add-ons than products that do not. These products can, over time, do damage to not only your body (by way of absorption through the scalp) but also to the hair itself. A little research can go a long way when shopping for hair care items that don't cause you or the environment harm. Or you can just refer to this article!
Unfortunately, the beauty industry has a very high pollution output. Nonbiodegradable plastic containers, bottles, and other various packaging are clogging up landfills. One of the biggest challenges facing us now is how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It requires not only knowledge (which you can gain from this article) but we must also change the way we do things.
For instance, surely making your own shampoo is a lifestyle modification for most; however, using a "shampoo base" makes it really simple. You will have the reassurance of knowing exactly what you are putting on your head and even the freedom to customize your own scent! Fun, right? This awesome formula only requires three ingredients. A shampoo base, organic fragrance, or essential oils. Use a base to start, like Stephenson's Organic Shampoo Base. It's made of vegetable origin, free of Sulfates, SLS, SLES, and parabens, and is enriched with aloe. Just add in your organic essential oils (we suggest a fresh peppermint). You can tailor the ingredients to suit your hair needs (oily, dry scalp, etc.) and by using the same pump bottle or jar each time allows you to keep your "green card."
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Organic Salon Systems strives for integrity and transparency. They have patented biodegradable plastic made of fruit and vegetable cellulose. The bottles come with a seed that will grow a tree, so that when the bottle is planted (after use) it will grow a tree, rather than pollute!This is an incredible company with a revolutionary concept. The organic salon efforts will not only change the salon business, increase the safety and well-being for salon-goers, but these eco-friendly salon initiatives really have the potential to change the entire world.
If you are looking for thickening shampoo, try Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo. It comes packed with Biotin B Complex Therapy. This product is fantastic and invigorated with biotin, saw palmetto, wheat protein, and vitamin E, not to mention that it is certified organic.
It’s our job to help our little ones stay as healthy as possible. Dandelion Kids Botanicals by Organic Salon Systems delivers a hypoallergenic and tear-free formula. This line cleanses the hair and scalp with gentle foaming agents that are certified organic.
If you haven't already heard of all of the remarkable ways that coconut oil can be used (cooking, oil pulling, makeup remover, skin moisturizer, and so on) it is no surprise that it is a fantastic conditioner for the hair. After all, the organic movement encourages transparency. With that said, we think using a USDA-certified organic coconut oil to condition is a perfect way to stay green and moisturize your strands at the same time. A little bit goes a long way and with the many uses for coconut oil, it really makes for a wise purchase.
Perhaps you want to extend your eco-friendliness beyond hair products. After all, why stop there? A bamboo station to keep your hot tools in place is not only environmentally friendly, but it is a safe way to hold and organize your curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers. It fits on top of your existing counter. The bamboo growth rate cycle is incredible. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. Depending on the soil and geographical location, bamboo can grow roughly 35 inches in just 24 hours, making it very environmentally friendly.
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