Straighten Naturally Straight Hair

Hair straightening
Q: Why do people with naturally straight hair straighten their hair? Isn’t this stupid because the straightening will probably damage their beautiful and already straight hair?
A: This is a very broad based question. Are you referring to chemical straightening processes or a normal flat iron? I’ll answer both of the above mentioned very briefly:
1. Flat iron: Some people with already straight hair straighten their hair with a flat iron due to very practical reasons. Firstly, you may think that their hair is naturally perfectly straight, especially if you have naturally curly hair. In comparison with your curly hair their hair looks poker straight. Yet, even naturally straight hair might have a few irritating kinks in it, which need to be ironed out.
Also, when you run a flat iron over the surface of hair, it flattens the cuticles of the hair and subsequently seals the outer layer of the hair. When the cuticles all lie flat, this makes the hair look much more glossy and shiny.
By sealing the body of the hair, you also keep out any moisture or dampness, which could cause your hair to frizz etc.
2. Chemical straightening: Even people with hair that is naturally quite straight may opt for chemical straightening processes.
The reasons are very much in sync with those of flat ironing hair that is already quite straight. Chemical straightening is obviously just a semi-permanent solution to the aforementioned reasons, so you’ll be saving time.
I don’t think that there are any stupid decisions regarding the way that anyone decides to style their hair. It all comes down to personal preference, personal goals and styling methods that each individual prefers for whatever reason.
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