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Q: Do girls with short hair look more intelligent?
A: This is again one of those very over-generalized situations where I can't help to wonder where this perception originated. I can't help but suspect that it's another Hollywood-generated view that seems to have gotten hooked into our sub-consciousness.
In any case, here's a few pointers to shed light on your question. Long hairstyles that are wavy and voluminous automatically remind us of images such as fashion models and soap actresses. The moment you see a woman with very long, extremely thick and well groomed hair that she wears loose and wavy at work, you automatically make certain assumptions about her, whether you realize it or not. She obviously takes great care to look really good when she comes to work.
Styling her hair like a fashion model every morning must take at least an hour of her time. She probably also has extensions in her hair to make it look so full and exuberant. A common subconscious perception is that this type of woman relies very heavily on her appearance to reach her goals; be it work or personal life.
Most people will automatically assume that because such a woman relies heavily on her appearance, her intellect must come secondary to what she looks like. Naturally, the inverse is also true. Women who don't want to or don't have to spend so much time on looking breathtaking every day (especially at work), do not seem to rely so much on their physical appearance to make an impact on their environment.
Women with short hair obviously spend a significantly less amount of time on their hair. Thus, the natural subconscious assumption would be that she doesn't rely on her looks for success, but rather her brains. Do you see how all of this are based solely on subconscious perceptions and assumptions? The most beautiful woman in the office or at a job interview might very well also be the most intelligent, but most people will be surprised by this.
Women with long, thick, beautifully maintained hair that they wear loose and flowy at work are very easily perceived as prioritizing their appearance, and only recognizing their own intelligence as secondary to what they look like. In most cases these assumptions and perceptions are foundationless and greatly faulty, but that doesn’t seem to matter. When a fellow colleague sees a particularly beautiful woman at work, he/she will automatically firstly appreciate the woman for her looks, and not really take her gray matter into account.
This is only natural. So no, shorter hair won't make you look more intelligent, but it might very well have a direct effect on the way that people perceive you based on face-value, and the assumptions that they then subconsciously make.
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