Short Haircut and Wardrobe

Shopping woman with short hair
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Q: Is it true that a short haircut often changes a woman’s clothing choices? Will my wife get the urge to buy new clothes and completely overhaul her wardrobe when her hair is short?
A: No, I don’t think that a change of hairstyle will make anyone overhaul their wardrobe. What usually happens is that a woman reaches a point in her life where she’s unhappy about the way that she looks or the way that she conveys herself to others. This tends to happen somewhere between 25 and 40, but usually around the 30’s. There are two main scenarios to cause this.
1. Between 20 and 30, most women enter their field of occupation and have to make the leap between young adult and professional powerhouse. When you’re nearing 30, you’re usually getting comfortable in your professional environment and vocational field, relationships and life in general, which means your self-confidence and sense of self improves greatly.
During this phase, women often change their image drastically, because they’re feeling secure and confident in themselves, thus they want to coordinate their exterior appearance to express this “coming of self”. This means that women often cut their hair short and trendy during this phase, color/highlight/lowlight their new cut, buy new clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up. This is a good phase and you should encourage your wife to feel good about herself and her appearance.
2. In-between this huge step, a lot of women also get married and have children. Most women go into an almost auto-pilot mode, trying to keep all the balls in the air. During this phase there’s really very little time or resources to think about things such as a trendy (and usually high maintenance) haircut, clothes, make-up and accessories.
When the children grow a bit older and become more self-sustaining, women often find themselves in that epiphany moment where she really “sees” herself in the mirror for the first time in years and realizes that she looks like a mess. The family dynamics have usually settled by now, so there’s extra money for her to spoil herself a bit if she chooses to.
This is when a lot of women make drastic changes concerning their appearance, including changing their hair, clothes, make-up, getting fit and healthy again, etc. Again, this is a good phase in a women’s life, and you should encourage and support your wife during this time.
You didn’t say whether you’re worried that your wife will overhaul her look if she gets her hair cut short, or whether you actually want her to. In any case, a successful and supportive marriage is often the product of two self-confident, happy and compassionate people. If your wife feels that she needs a change, be supportive. If you feel that your wife needs to look after herself better, then buy her a salon voucher at her favorite salon for a cut, color and blow-dry. Buy her a little black dress and take her to a swank restaurant.
Women often neglect themselves and their appearance because they’re concentrating on the needs of their family. Gently help to remind her that she’s a beautiful, strong woman and deserves to look and feel good.
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