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Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Q: I have thin hair and I want to grow it long. What are good long hairstyles for thin hair? What cut do I need to keep it manageable?
A: Thin hair can be a blessing and a curse. Embrace your fine strands and make the most of them!
Long hairstyle for thin hair First, if you want to grow out your hair, keep your cut as blunt as possible. This means the length is cut straight across and not at an angle. Texturized or wispy ends will only make your strands appear even more thin and airy. Blunt ends give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.
Secondly, have your hair cut with minimal to no layers at all. The lack of layers will help your hair appear thicker and fuller. Over layering your hair can cause the bottom to look sparse, thin, and sometimes straggly. If you do want to add layers, have your stylist cut a few only on the top tier of your head. This will give your look a little volume and shape. The bottom lengths will stay looking full and thick because you're not cutting into them.
Third, consider adding bangs or layers around your face only. It can really help to add some style to your long haircut. Bangs can really give the illusion of thicker hair and also gives some flair to your haircut. Layers around your face also help add some interest and drama without taking away from your thickness.
Fourth, use the right hair products for thin hair. The thinner your hair, the more apt is to get tangled. Long thin hair can get extremely tangled so make sure you use a light conditioning spray on your strands to help out before you comb it out. Volume enhancing products in and out of the shower can also help give long thin hair body and texture. Stay away from heavy conditioners, oils, or sprays. They are the enemy of thin hair. Use light milky conditioners and soft mists and sprays for styling.
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